3 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. I saw some Tweets noting that the average undocumented worker makes < $24K, which is below the line for producing net tax income. So what do we get?

    More people qualifying for benefits, leading to increased outlays by the government, including Obamacare coverage, and no added tax income to balance the expense. How nice.

    In 1974, President Nixon was visited by Senators Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott and Congressman John Jacob Rhodes. They informed him that he no longer had any chance of avoiding impeachment, nor any chance to avoid conviction in the Senate. There were simply too many principled Republicans in the Senate who were unwilling to put the Party before the nation.

    This is why the Clinton impeachment resulted in an acquittal. It is also why any impeachment of Obama will also, by necessity, fail.

    Democrats have only one principle, and that is Party and Power Is the Only Principle.

    It’s convenient with the added benefits of being easy to remember and impossible to violate.

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