5 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. If you mean sandals; then yes, there’s a little more flexure in the sidewall, but they’re much more durable.

    If you actually meant saddles then I’m afraid I’m too old and missed your pop culture reference.

  2. If they were made with GM spec PR6 radials from the mid 1970s, I wouldn’t trust them to blow out if you went past a quick jog. Those were bad design of radials, made to spec by a couple of manufacturers and had a huge recall. I had 2 simultaneously have the treads separate from the belts, while parked! Instant flats.

    But around the same time Pirelli had to change the tread pattern on one of their tires, not due to a structural problem, but as the tracks it left offended a certain religious group. Seems the print was similar to the name of their prophet. Now those would be some great sandals to have today.

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