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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin rattles on and on about false narratives. He’s a primary source of them himself. Consider these paragraphs from his second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.That’s clearly designed to give the impression that Justice Through Music Project (or Velvet Revolution US) and, thus, Brett Kimberlin were deriving income from the State Department because of participation an “International Leadership Program.” Let’s look a bit deeper.

First, the actual program run by the State Department is called the International Visitor Leadership Program. There doesn’t seem to be any U. S. Government record of JTMP or VRUS participating in the program.

Second, there doesn’t seem to be any record of payments from the Department of State to either Justice Through Music Project or Velvet Revolution US for any purpose during the “three years prior to 2012.” The industrious Gentle Reader may verify that at

This doesn’t mean that TDPK never talked to foreign visitors at some sort of State Department event. He may have. But if he did, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that he or his not-for-profits were being paid as a contractors or grantees by the government. However, most taxpayers would agree that is was not an unwise decision to refrain from using a convicted felon in a such a potentially sensitive role.


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  1. Lying liars gotta lie!
    An unrepentant criminal is still a criminal. The very first step in rehabilitation is admission of guilt and repentance for said crimes. The second is acceptance of the consequences of those actions and avoidance of criminal behavior.
    Brett has exhibited none of this, thus he has not even begun his rehabilitation. His creating and operating the not-for-profits thus is not the action of a repentant man but a continuation of deceptive and criminal behavior.

    • During the motion to dismiss stage, the court has to pretend that the plaintiff’s allegations are truthful. Our motions to dismiss are based on arguments that, even if what TDPK claims be true, he isn’t entitled to relief as a matter of law.

      • Is that quite correct? If you can prove a claim by Brett Kimberlin is false, then it would be “futile” for him to try argue that point later.

  2. All of this misses the point entirely. Brett Kimberlin was employeed by the JTMP for $19,500/yr before these “training sessions” commenced, during their duration, and after their cessation.

    Whether the JTMP was harmed by any of defendants is an irrelevant point. They are not a party to this lawsuit.

    • And even if the grant money has dried up a bit (which I hope) Brett Kimberlin still is a serial bomber and frequent perjurer, whose plot to kill a prosecutor and drug smuggling matter. If the US government gave this dude as much as an introduction and a jelly doughnut at a conference it’s too much.

      You had every right to investigate and write about this creepy guy. His past follows him. Too bad.

  3. If someone examined the list of alleged countries that JTMP clients are supposedly from, there is something that leads to something that leads to some really uncomfortable questions…

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