I Was Watching CNN Last Night

I must have been in an airport.

I picked up Patrick Grady from BWI and dropped him at his hotel. Thus far, he has had to pay for a round trip ticket to Baltimore, lodging, and other travel expenses on top of the legal related expenses of dealing with the vexatious peace order petition filed against him by Bill Schmalfeldt. Later today, I will be handing him a check to cover the donations received to The Grady Fund through noon today. Donations received after that time will be forwarded by mail.

One of the purposes of Team Kimberlin’s lawfare is to inflict this sort of needless expense. Even when cases are dismissed or won by the victim, the victim is punished financially. Pushing back against this legal thuggery is important. This lawfare will only end when its consequences become too expensive for its perpetrators.

You can help Patrick Grady. via my Tip Jar by earmarking your donation to him. You can also help those of us being sued by The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. Go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

6 thoughts on “I Was Watching CNN Last Night

  1. Dude. Somebody should have told me sooner.

    As some of you may know, I do a lot of business travel. I mean a lot. I have been out of the country 144 days in 2014 for business. To the point where I have redeemed 13 FF tickets last year for domestic travel (I only used three). I just got back from a 3-4 month assignment in China (requiring 3 round trips), and my company flies me in Business Class. In reality, I have no desire to spend more time on airplanes than I absolutely have to.

    I have hinted that I want to do my part. I also have access to other programs where I can assign vouchers good for travel to anyone I so choose, as long as I do not get compensation. In fact, I sent two such vouchers to The Other McCain on the occasion of his 25th anniversary. I do not know if he has used these yet. I will take the knowledge of making life difficult for those vexatious bastards (I apologize in advance to vexatious bastards everywhere to insult them by identifying TK as members of that elite group).

    Let’s just say that I have access to many such certificates, and if our Host is willing to act as intermediary, I am willing to offer these to the cause on an as needed basis. I will need about a week to get everything arranged.

  2. I hit the tip jar for a small amount. I did not see anything that designated the Grady Fund, but I attached special instructions saying Grady Fund. In any case, that was my purpose in hitting the tip jar this time.

    I have little confidence that the Howard County courts will do justice to an out-of-state Republican; the entire judiciary of Maryland seems to me to be largely corrupt. But I can hope that Grady gets an honest judge: there must be some, even in Howard County.

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