The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Last night, I was running iTunes in random mode when The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas came up. The first time I can remember hearing that piece was when I saw the movie Fantasia at the Tennessee theater in downtown Nashville back in the ’50s. The work is a symphonic poem that tells the story of Goethe’s poem Der Zauberlehrling. You probably know the story: Rather than do his chores the old fashioned way, a young apprentice tries to use magic. He loses control of his enchanted broom but is saved in the end when his master returns and sets things right. Mickey Mouse plays the apprentice in the Disney version.

But back to my story …

I didn’t initially realize what was playing in the background because I was concentrating on writing today’s Team Kimberlin Post of the Day. When I did notice the music, it struck me as somewhat related to what I was writing. The post was about Bill Schmalfeldt’s bumbling attempts at lawfare. He’s tried to use lawfare as an easy pushback against the various attempts to hold him accountable for his online harassment and cyberthuggery. Yet, each time he tries something, the legal waves break higher and higher against him.

One wonders—will his master save him?

Probably not.

His master has been no more successful in the long run with his lawfare. Team Kimberlin’s performance, by master or apprentice, can’t even be described as “mickey mouse.”

55 thoughts on “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

      • Yup. Heck it worked for our host right? /sarc
        I’m sure he honestly believes Mr. Hoge intentionally duped him; when in fact he kept to the letter and intent of his agreement with the troll. That said troll was too daft to realize that he had in fact negated the agreement, goes without saying; but say it I have.

    • Personally, I think he will be a no-show.

      He is up to his neckrolls in a Hell of his own making, and I believe the dark depths of his dumbassery may finally be sinking into that moldy sponge he attempts to pass off as a brain.

      With that said… I wouldn’t trust the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt, nor what he claims, any more than I would trust my ability to pick up his double-wide arse and toss him.

      I have a suspicion he may have really stepped in it big time with his latest antics — and, like the spineless coward he truly is… he’s opting to tuck tail versus facing one of his many victims head-on.

      The Blob can run, but he cannot hide. Come to think of it… bet he can’t run either.

      • That’s a good point Grace. For all his bluster about being such a big man, he can’t bear to face the very people he has harmed. Instead he runs like a coward.

        Come on Bill, sack up and face Grady. Apologize for what you have put him and his family through.

  1. Bill, how can we miss you, if you won’t go away?

    There is no way he is smart enough to NOT show tomorrow and let this thing die. He can’t quit it.

  2. Sure, put it out there that you are cowardly slinking away then when you think the person you are harassing won’t show up, you do. Sounds about like something he would pull. After all, he’s been complaining that our gracious host did the same thing to him. That it is not the case at all is, of course, lost on the dimwitted fool.

    Everyone should show up and we’ll take a group “moon” picture for Bill. He should LOVE it.

  3. Someone should keep a blog and just post every time BS claims he’s quitting Twitter/the Internet/etc. It’d probably be more regularly updated than my blog.

  4. Just to recap….

    Blustery Bill gets served that Grady is seeking a PO against him in IL.
    Like a child throwing a tantrum Bill gets a temp PO against Grady on the grounds that Grady is seeking one against him.
    Bill then threatens all sorts of doom and gloom and can’t wait till everyone shows up for his “big surprise”.
    A day later like a dog caught eating someone’s FroYo, he slinks off with this tail tucked between his fear pee soaked knees vowing, for the 1,257th time, to quit the internet for good.

    Hmmmm…wonder what transpired in that less then 24 hour period to take him from certain victory to running like a scared rabbit?

  5. Reblogged this on Truth Before Dishonor and commented:
    One of the members of Team Kimberlain (most likely) shows up on a Hogewash thread discussing a court date with a serial harasser and member of Team Kimberlin. And what does that (most likely) TK member do on that thread? Threatens to harass the victims of harassment, and declares they’ve been “reported” for “possibly going to show up armed” at a restaurant they will be gathering for camaraderie. You can’t make this fecal matter up.

  6. Also, the management has been made aware that some of you may be carrying arms.

    I don’t carry my arms, they normally just hang sorta loose by my sides.

    And if you meant firearms, the official term is “bear” arms.

  7. “as of this weeken I will cease to exist!” from your lips to God’s ears.

    “I will disappear. You may look for me but you will never find me” oh look its the one armed man.

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