In Re A Settlement Agreement

Among the terms of the settlement agreement for the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright infringement lawsuit was a mutual agreement between us not to publish each other’s copyrighted materials without permission. Tweets are exempted from the republication ban because Twitter’s ToS require that a license to republish is granted when one posts a tweet.

It has come to my attention that items originally published at Hogewash! are being published on the Internet without permission by Bill Schmalfeldt.

If this continues, I shall take steps to enforce the settlement agreement.

17 thoughts on “In Re A Settlement Agreement

  1. If someone defies a federal settlement agreement, this is not good. It can be introduced as evidence in any court action and can prejudice juries and judges in all sorts of ways. It can lead to losses of income, lawsuits, and makes it almost impossible to instigate nuisance lawsuits without severe repercussions.

    Hopefully no one was stupid enough to incorporate any material in more online publishers, they might take action against anyone who exposes them to legal harm.

    • Typical Bill… always the “smartest guy in the room.”

      What part of…

      Hoge v. Schmalfeldt — #ELH-14-1683
      (14 Aug 2014)

      “The Parties agree that they will not post or re-publish any work or article written by the other without receiving written permission, in advance, from the other party, unless the terms of service permit republication without permission.”

      … does the big, dumb dope not understand?

      Has the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt simply forgotten the terms of the Settlement Agreement? Or, does he believe, once again, the rules simply don’t apply to him?

      Slow learners be slow. *SMH*

      The Blob can bluster all he’d like with regard to “Hoge wants no part of what’s about to happen.” My money is on The Elkridge Horror coming to the realization — VERY SOON — that HE wants no part of what’s about to happen.

      Dig. Dig. Dig.

  2. It appears that John threw a scare into young William. “Above It All Bill” hath returned.

    Until about Tuesday. He needs us. We complete him.

    • So, what? Did the sawed-off, domestic terrorist revoke his offer of a ride to the courthouse?

      “For you, as of this moment, Bill Schmalfeldt ceases to exist.”

      Um. I don’t think so.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has left entirely too much destructive nonsense in his ginormous wake. Does he truly believe he can upend others’ lives, and then simply declare “Time To End It All” because he says so?

      I’m sure The Blob is choking and drowning in his own “Fear Pee” as I type… as well as he should be. Albeit, simply handing down an “It’s All Over” edict just doesn’t fly.

      Tis way past time for The Elkridge Horror to be held duly accountable for what he has inflicted upon his victims.

  3. I have a vision…

    A vision of Schmalfeldt finally realizing just how deeply he’s dug himself, and turning to Team Kimberlin to rescue him from the hole he dug himself into on their behalf. I have a vision of them stalling and dragging their feet until they finally tell him no, they can’t help him. I have a vision of him then turning to those Kimberlin has declared his enemies and offering to give them everything he has on Kimberlin to spare his voluminous ass, and being firmly told no, he burned all those bridges and no one is willing to put any trust or faith in him. I have a vision of Schmalfeldt then turning on Kimberlin and publicizing all his dealings with Kimberlin, throwing out all the dirt he has (or thinks he has) in a grand “a pox on both your houses, I quit the whole matter” fit of pique.

    Then, I have a vision of all concerned parties just looking at what Schmalfeldt has, shaking their heads at how little incriminating material he was actually entrusted with, and then weighing the decision of whether to walk away, leaving Schmalfeldt in his hole, that he dug himself, of his own will and volition…

    Or kicking the dirt in on top of him.

    Oh, and for the record: I did not have this vision in Illinois. And while my full legal name does contain the letters G, R, A, D, and Y, they are not together and not in that order. Unless, of course, Schmalfeldt hacked my home state’s legal system and changed my name without my knowledge…

  4. Thank you, Jane. That is a very kind, and much appreciated, sentiment.

    Real life has a way of forcing us to have to unplug at times — however, I do still try to make a point of attempting to stay up-to-speed on the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest shenanigans — even if I don’t always have the time to comment on them.

    With that said, busy or not… The Elkridge Horror’s victims are never far from my thoughts and prayers. And, as hard as it may be… I still manage to pray for The Blob himself. He is a wrecked soul who needs to be lifted up in hope of redemption, forgiveness, and salvation.

    I, too, pray he will be held legally accountable for his plethora of misdeeds. Consequences can serve as a huge wake-up call… something Bill Schmalfeldt is desperately in need of — whether he recognizes and accepts this truth or not.

    Again… thank you for your kind words, my friend.

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