17 thoughts on “Hit a Nerve, Have We?

  1. Boy, I disappear for a bit and see that good ol’ BS never changes. Though I’m sure he has nothing to do with any of this. He’s always honest and direct. Except the legion of times he is not.

  2. A walk down memory lane – the past five days:

    “But even knowing that, you are still asking the wrong question. The question isn’t will I show up.The question is, will YOU?”

    “i just love to hear the tinkling bell-like laughter of someone in the moments before I cave in his soft skull with a mallet. Like a rotten pumpkin. Splat!”

    “Did I Say ‘Talk To You MONDAY?’ Sorry. I Was Mistaken. I’ll Talk To You FRIDAY!”

    “I look forward to chatting with Mr. Grady, under oath, on Monday.”

    “Ya fucked up, pal. And I will make you pay for that.”

    All comments by you know who. All false.

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