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  1. John, if you don’t mind, I’d like to use your site to thank my father for serving in the Pacific during WWII, and my borthers, both drafted and not, for serving during the Vietnam War.

  2. I thought about this last night and realized how many of my family have served over the years. My husband had a 22 year stint in the submarine force, being involved in the 2001 and 2003 kerfuffles (his boat was in the Persian Gulf on 9/11). His brother was surface fleet during Viet Nam. A great-uncle died in October ’18 and is buried in the Meuse-Argonne. A grandfather was an army doc in the 8th Army in the Pacific in WWII. His grandfather enlisted in ’61, was captured in June of ’64, and made it home after a year in Andersonville. He named his son (that grandfather’s father) after his commanding officer who died in ’62. And I’ve got at least one ancestor who fought in the Revolution.

    It’s rather humbling to look at that collection of men and remember what they did and why.

    • Much appreciation, praise, and thanksgiving from me, as well, for all who have served for the cause and cost of freedom.

      May God eternally bless America, and those who serve her with honor and sacrifice.

    • One of the guys on my husband’s second boat was a one and done, counting the days till he got out. But at the same time he said he’d never have traded the experience for anything. He’d go home on vacation and meet up with his friends from high school who’d gone straight on to college, and they seemed to still be just kids to him.

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