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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s copyright trolling lawsuit is about to be dismissed with prejudice, and that will relieve him of having to deal with the problem of altered Certified Mail green cards in front of Judge Titus. However, those cards are still part of the record. As such they can be used to impeach TDPK’s reliability as a witness or the authenticity of other documents he submits.

For example, here’s one of the green cards he submitted in the copyright case, together with the USPS tracking information. Notice that Restricted Delivery is checked on the card, but it is not shown as one of the services paid for on the tracking info.

T1ThomasThe cards in question are exhibits that TDPK submitted himself.

They will come back to haunt him.

7 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. In another thread, it was mentioned that Grady needs to get to MD to fight the BS BS petition (note that the double BS is intentional), and there was a call to contribute.

    While I cannot give cash, I may be able to help in other ways. I mentioned an offer to our Host, and am awaiting a reply.

    While it may sound “too good to be true”, rest assured that I want to do my part.

  2. I thought there were already rules about filings from convicted perjurers, which would make sense, but there is little sense about the tolerance show to TDPK’s harassment.

    • It does seem troubling that the guys who are in charge of deterring perjury and forgery haven’t had any effect on Kimberlin’s prolific perjury and forgery campaign lately. However, I think if enough people of good will care, and take action, we nevertheless will win. It will be necessary to be more persistent than Brett Kimberlin is, but with enough people joining together to defray the burden, it can be done. And it’s worth it.

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