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The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has court dates on Monday and Friday this week. On Monday, he is the respondent in a no-contact order case in Illinois. On Friday, he is the petitioner in a peace order case here in Maryland.CBPR201411100144Z

Maryland Rule 3-510(d) states that “[u]nless impracticable, a party shall make a good faith effort to cause a trial or hearing subpoena to be served at least five days before the trial or hearing.” The word impracticable means not practicable, and Black’s Law Dictionary defines practicable as being able to be done. The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt could have asked for a subpoena and had me served in a timely manner. That was doable. He failed to act in a timely manner.

popcorn4bkI will have a stringer in the courtroom in Cook County for Monday’s hearing. I expect to have a report available within a couple of hours of its conclusion.

I also intend to provide coverage of Friday’s hearing.

Stay tuned.

27 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Evidence, will it lead to child porn charges? Hmmmmmm Is unsold parody satire as it is claimed to be, gong to be ignored by a judge with children and grandchildren? Knowing that the respondent has attacked and accused judges of misconduct by daring to rule against him, is this judge going to aware of the possibility that gross explicit and exploitative sex audio tapes maybe made of his or her loved ones? That this person will not ever stop or rest and will continue to over and over and over again to attack in any number of ways – children of his enemies.

      • Not just his speaking voices, but the ability to create preteen character voices. THAT takes some vocal health. Granted, all the boys sounded alike on the sample I heard, but still. We should all be gratefull that he has recovered well enough to be able to explain the recordings to a judge. Maybe not this week, but someday.

  2. I will be there on Friday. I’ll check in on Thursday afternoon.

    I am taking a trip to Rockingham, NC over the weekend and only had to make minor adjustments to accomodate the side/freak show.

    Is this the correct location, John?

    George Howard Building 3430 Courthouse Drive Ellicott City, MD 21043

    This is less than five minutes from my hotel.


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