The Grady Fund

The Hogewash! PayPal account is accepting donations for the Patrick Grady Legal Fund. The full face value amount of the donations will be forwarded to Mr. Grady. (I will be making up for the cut PayPal takes as my contribution to the fund.)

To donate, use the Tip Jar link and specify Grady Legal Fund as the purpose.

UPDATE—Patrick Grady has been one of the targets of online harassment by Bill Schmalfeldt. He is seeking a no-contact order. The case is scheduled for next Monday in Cook County, Illinois.

32 thoughts on “The Grady Fund

  1. Let me be first and very quick to offer thanks to everyone who has offered support, financial or otherwise.

    It is much appreciated.

      • Yep. Biwwy called his employer trying to get him fired, and Biwwy has NOT left family out of it, among other things. And it all started because Patrick made the mistake of leaving a very short, very mildly critical comment on BS’s blog.

        There are legal proceedings scheduled for this coming Monday in Illinois, Patrick being the plaintiff.

  2. looks like Major Mayo thinks he’ll be allowed to appear by telephone. Would be smart to have an objection ready for that.

  3. Well, BS has filed a PO against Grady, and has asked Grady to have sex with him. At least that’s how I interpret the phrase, “let’s f*ck.”

  4. A reasonable person would interpret such a phrase that way. In Schmalfeldtian English it roughly means “I am pretending to be macho. In using what I think is homosexual vocabulary, I am equating our real world legal struggle as a sexual event. Which I can do without fear because I am macho.”

  5. BS admits that he’s evil and has victims:
    “This holiday season, Schmalfeldt ‘s victims are crying out for your help. How can they possibly enjoy this wondrous time of year when their hurts her so filled with pain and anguish after being so thoroughly and savagely victimized by the evil Bill Schmalfeldt.”

  6. Unfortunately all I can offer at this time is some moral support. Kick his ass(metaphorically speaking) Hopefully next pay period I’ll be able to send enough so you can have a drink on me.

  7. Will someone please explain to me how Grady violated Md. Code § 9-101 while in the state of Illinois?

    I do not think that the person who granted the temporary Peace Order even read it.

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