6 thoughts on “Bill Nye, The Pseudoscience Guy?

  1. I’ve always wondered how a guy with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering got the title “Science Guy” anyways. I’m not even certain he has ever used his degree. People need to realize that when they debate with him they are debating with an actor, not a scientist.

    • Hey, some pretty good actors studied engineering. Rowan Atkinson has a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Oxford), and Mr. Bean is every bit a scientist as Bill Nye.

      • Engineering is a lot like acting, really. You have to divorce yourself from your life and emotions to look at the data and that’s a difficult leap to make. You have to think about everything that can go wrong, and then everything that ‘can’t possibly go wrong’, because it will.

        In acting, you face up to the challenge of divorcing yourself from your life and emotions to invest in someone else’s life and emotions, and have to consider and dissect every emotion and response they have and could display.

        But yeah. The whole GMO thing and the panic over climate stasis gives the lie to the idea that any one party is anti-science. Everybody has beliefs that are important to them. It’s just that one side is a hell of a lot more willing to admit it than the other. 🙂

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