Wave Election?

I see that some pundits are referring to 2014 as a “wave election.” Certainly, the Republicans did well. We will even have a Republican governor here in Maryland, one of the bluest of the blue states.

I’m not sure that’s a part of the wave. It’s true that folks walked out on Barack Obama during a rally for Anthony Brown, the Democrat’s candidate, but I’m told by someone who was there as a Brown campaign worker that people were upset because the event was poor organized and running hours behind schedule. Perhaps that reminded some of those like Brown voters that Anthony Brown was in charge of the disastrous rollout of Maryland’s Obamacare website, a site so bad that it had to be scrapped.

All politics are local. Brown’s ineptness was a local issue. Eight years of tax increases that have driven high-income earners from the state became a local issue. Some of the nation’s worst gun control laws became a local issue in a significant part of the state. The result appears to have been a energized Republican base and a depressed turnout by the Democrats. The folks out here in Carroll County seem pleased. I’m sure that our betters in the more elite counties around Annapolis, Baltimore, and DC are not amused.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYpYs9GBXwY]

Whatever. If Larry Hogan’s win is part of a wave, I’m happy to ride it. Serfs’re up!

9 thoughts on “Wave Election?

  1. Not enough of a wave to get Ed over the line in VA, but it was a lot closer than expected a couple of weeks ago.

    • Still possible to pull it out, though not likely. Recount is in the offing if the final tally narrows the gap.

  2. Even CT got a little R’d up. But I don’t think enough to make a difference. My sister who is no longer in this state is trying to get us to move to her area since it may have even higher taxes (though not by much) but at least it has a functioning economy and jobs.

  3. I’ve read that the state house has maintained veto-proof Democratic majorities.

    I have to wonder if this isn’t the standard “Blue state/city temporarily ‘hires’ a Republican to get things in order” before letting him go. See for example Rudy Giuliani.

    • In the past, I would have said that Dems in certain parts of the state would not sign on to override vetoes. But after SB281, that’s no longer likely or expected.

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