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One of the false narratives about Brett Kimberlin that has circulated around the Internet is a fantasy about his being “exonerated” of his bombing and dope smuggling convictions and about his having received a substantial settlement. Here’s an example from Democratic Underground.

The truth is that Kimberlin had his parole revoked for two years in 1997 and wound up staying in prison until 2001. He managed to keep the Parole Commission in the dark concerning any parole violations, so in 2006 he was released from supervision. That’s not exactly an exoneration.

Notice that I said he kept the Parole Commission in the dark about parole violations. One of the usual conditions of parole is to refrain from association with other felons. Here’s the true narrative: While he was still under supervision, Brett Kimberlin hired Craig Gillette, who has a child pornography conviction, to work at Justice Through Music Project. According to Mrs. Kimberlin, Gillette lived with the Kimberlins and their children in their one-room apartment in the basement of Kimberlin’s mother’s house for an extended period.


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  1. Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man and commented:
    Heh. I guess that according to Brett’s narrative, in three months and twenty-six days I’ll be “exonerated” of my crimes too.
    What an idiot. The end of supervision is just that, the end of a court mandated supervision of a convicted criminal. At least I didn’t set off a bomb at a high schoo; football game, causing serious injuries to people, one wounded so seriously that he ended up taking his own life due to the agony of his wounds.
    I simply lied and cheated for financial gain, a despicable crime but not rising in the least to Brett’s laundry list of convictions.

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