More Like Europe

Da Tech Guy has a post about the push to move from the English Common Law tradition that a defendant is presumed innocent until the state proves his guilt to the European Civil Law approach of the defendant having to prove his innocence. He notes that the attempt to use a more european approach in rape cases could easily metastasize throughout our courts.

Well, one of the unspoken goals of many Progressives is to make America more like Europe.

2 thoughts on “More Like Europe

  1. John, you might want to take a look at Tosay’s Tennessean. The reporting of a bizar Rape case involving several Vanderbilt Football players and an unconcious coed could warp your mind right out of your hat. (In my days of working at good old Vandy I saw how the Football “stars” often got away with all manner of mischief, and crimes ranging from robbing the mail to rape.)

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