10 thoughts on “Barack Obama: Retro President

      • Hoover has always gotten a bad rap. His policies had little to do with the onset of the Great Depression. Just like the misconception that FDR’s policies ended it- World War II did that in actuality.

        • Herbert Hoover was a Republican, but he was a Progressive Republican. His economic policies did significantly delay the recovery from the Depression. However, by the time his administration was over, the country was seeing positive economic growth. That was killed off by FDR giving the country a second dose of Hoover’s policies.

      • eh, democrats made Nixon who he was so they did to hoover, Nixons administration was paralyzed with coping with sweeping social democrat engineering and a disastrous democrat war and Hoover was dealing with the wreckage of a policy of non interventionism then intervene wildly and then ignore the banking and loan system so in essence a republican president saddled with democrat baggage like Bush II is essentially a democrat, in the sense that having to pay for the democrats tinkering in the once working machinery

        Or I screwed up, there’s that……

  1. Why do we elect people who have never run anything more complicated than a law class? Why should anyone have expected that he’d have skills which would transfer to the presidency? Good heavens. I don’t put myself in the category of folks who figure he’s deliberately trying to screw things up, but he just does the opposite of what a skilled leader would do.

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