Non-Citizens Voting in Maryland?

A suit has been filed in U. S. District Court against the Frederick County Board of Elections and the Maryland State Board of Elections alleging that non-citizens are registered to vote in Frederick County. One must be a U. S. citizen to register to vote in Maryland. The plaintiffs claim that persons dismissed from jury duty because they are not citizens were registered to vote.

Here’s the complaint that was filed last week. I have redacted the addresses of the plaintiffs. I have also redacted the exhibits which contain voter registration and jury pool information because it contain names and addresses of individuals not related to the case either as plaintiffs or possible non-citizen voters.

4 thoughts on “Non-Citizens Voting in Maryland?

  1. For a lawsuit that may have such a large impact it’s surprisingly succinct and clear. Kudos to the attorney. Even a “dim” person like me could see how the plaintiffs (as well as every other Maryland resident that plans to vote) is harmed by letting non citizens vote.

    Since this is specific to Fredrick county would there need to be a suit filed in each county or would this suit force the state to purge to rolls of every county of non citizens?

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