Eating Into the Margin of Theft?

A couple of weeks ago, people walked out of a rally for Anthony Brown, the Democrat candidate for governor in Maryland, and they did it while Barack Obama was speaking. Yesterday, there were empty seats at a Brown rally where Hillary Clinton was the main speaker. Both rallies were held in the near suburbs of DC, a traditional stronghold of the Democrats.


2 thoughts on “Eating Into the Margin of Theft?

  1. We can only hope that folks are waking up from the many Democratic party lies and “transparency.”

  2. An article on this point:

    It seems some folks are predicting that the traditional supporters of Democratic policies are becoming enlightened enough to understand that stuff just isn’t working. I’m not sure. But you can’t get people fired up about stupid stuff forever. Bringing more low skilled workers into the country through amnesty when traditional blue collar workers are hurting just seems dumb. Same for allowing people from Ebola countries in w/out restrictions, or letting ISIS overrun former US controlled Iraqi cities… The list goes on.

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