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  1. In other news – its “interesting” that races like Warner who was said to be leading by double digits is now “6-7” pts ahead and Walker who was tied or trailing by 2-3 pts has now “opened” up a lead of 7.

    Numbers are number and polls are not numbers, but if we treat these as number generated events, then the suggestion is that Walker never was trailing and its quite possible that Warner isn’t leading.

    But the effect of these polls in the last month was to suppress turnout – I had a german statistic professor at one of the top schools in business I, through “luck” of the night school draw – got him for all three of my statistic classes. Dry, isn’t an adequate term for him, he must have been good, he was worth 800 million dollars and just taught for his own pleasure but going to work in the oil fields at 6 am and then hitting the night school 4 hour class at 6pm and sometimes he would forget our pee break and would carry on to 11, sometimes 1am and with no textbooks, you had to stay, night school, if you dropped a class – think – take a year longer to graduate, so we stayed and stayed and stayed and took pee breaks in shifts, shared notes, suffered innumerous dry insults that his teenage daughter made a 83 on this test so 82 was considered failing – don’t think he was kidding. Unbelievably tough homework – literally hours and hours of problems.

    I liked him, unfortunately, he was extremely likeable for out of body reasons, someone once sneeringly told me his “16 year old daughter” wasn’t his, so in a moment I am not proud of, I looked into it, well, the real story is he saw a homeless child and made him his own. This dry, unassuming, bland, humorless man sponsored scholarships and was a source for the police department for money for injured children of officers – all anonymous. BTW his daughter became a wonderful woman who gives back to the community especially in charities for children. When the same idiot made the same comments later at a company function, I gave him a choice, shut up or clear out the desk.

    So as you ask what in the heck does this have to do with what I started to say?

    At the end of 3 years of being with this man, we brave brothers, forgoing sleep, wondering if college was worth the trouble, we dirty dozen as our only female survivor called us, he stopped, and said – you listened to a lot of material in this 12 hour series (3, 4 hour classes) but let me tell you the most important statistic – if everything ALLWAYS seems to fall into your opponents favor, it probably isn’t a statistic.

    Hence Walker, how many millions were lost in donations

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