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I’ve often written about the slipshod nature of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s court paperwork. He may have filed “over a hundred” lawsuits, but he’s won very few of them. That may be because he doesn’t have a very good grasp on some of the most basic principles of law.

For example, when one files a lawsuit, it must be filed against a particular person or entity or a particular group of persons and/or entities. That person must be described well enough that he can be identified, even if his actual name is unknown and he’s sued as “John Doe.” This is from TDPK’s second amended complaint in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 135-23OK. How does that identify “Defendant Ace of Spades”?ECF 212-p3TDPK has described the defendant as the Ace of Spades blog and not as the individual or individuals who operate it.

What do you want to bet that isn’t what he thought he was doing?


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  1. This has put Judge Hazel in a bit of a spot. Paul Levy represented “AOS” for the purpose of maintaining his anonymity. Ace of Spades is not an anonymous blog. It had no anonymity to maintain. The anonymous bloggers at Ace of Spades did. It was entirely appropriate for a non-party blogger to seek personal representation to preserve his rights to anonymity separate from the interests of the Ace of Spades blog. Paul Levy was never the attorney of the blog. Judge Hazel ordered service on the blog through the lawyer of an anonymous blogger at the blog. Did that follow the procedure for suing a blog that the previous Judge laid out for serving, I think it was, Twitchy?

      • I think Instapundit once said “They’ll [Democrats, politicians, etc] miss the rule of law when it’s gone.” When everyone does what seems right in his own eyes, I suspect tar and feathers will be called ‘getting off easy’.

      • But it should help boost Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, and numerous small hardware stores’ bottom lines.

  2. It seems unlikely that the judge is going to look at a well reasoned and novel argument and say “dang did I get that wrong!”

    The argument has to be made of course but wasted effort I think. Thing is that exercise likely cost Ace several thousand dollars.

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