Don’t Get Cocky, Kid

The Denver Post reports that Republican voters seem to be getting their ballots in faster that Democrats. Colorado has gone to 100 % mail-in ballots.

As of Wednesday, the most recent day the Colorado secretary of state’s office released ballot return data, 145,824 Republican voters had mailed back their ballots while 105,401 Democrats had done the same. More than 77,000 unaffiliated voters had also returned their completed ballots.

If that trend continues, the Republican vote may exceed the margin of theft.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Get Cocky, Kid

  1. Since we’re on the subject of voter fraud; what particular deadline might Ace be facing in the RICO suit?

    For the casual observer, Kimberlin is a GOTV enthusiast for the Democratic party and more particularly leftist movements. These are the same groups of people that I consider to be more likely to commit said frauds. I.e. North Carolina recently discovered hundreds of illegal immigrants who have registered to vote. It is a cause celebre for the D’s and Leftists to grant immunity to illegal immigrants. One is hard pressed not to draw conclusions that would link illegals to leftists and thus to Kimberlin; all of whom have considerable motivation to defraud the voting system.

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