False Narratives

Roger Kimball has a piece up at PJ Media analyzing the spin in a New York Times story about the Democrats’ panic over the coming midterm elections and why their candidates are trying to distance themselves from an unpopular president.

I guess the New York Times needs something more, because according to them, Obama is unpopular not because he has failed but because the Republicans have somehow enveloped him in a “narrative of failure.” Yes, that’s right, folks, the evil Republicans called Obama’s failures, er, failures, and by so doing they managed to substitute a fiction (that’s what the Times means by “narrative”) for the truth.

Read the whole thing.

You know, there’s something about having truthful reporting described as a “false narrative” that seems awfully familiar

4 thoughts on “False Narratives

  1. If the truth begins to resemble a “narrative of failure,” it is high time to rethink your choices. The president owns this narrative of failure. Stimulus that doesn’t stimulate, foreign policy that pisses off friends and emboldens enemies, military moves that undo the efforts of tens of thousands of Americans… That’s not a narrative.

    Mr. President. You just don’t do this job very well.

  2. Sure would have been nice to blame my professor for fostering a narrative of failure for the grade I earned in Thermodynamics 101.

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