How Smart Is Your Music?

Someone had done a study of musical tastes versus SAT scores. Here’s a bit clipped out of the published chart.SAT_MusicIf it were to include my tastes, Bach, Mozart, and Weird Al would be shown in an area off the right edge of the chart.

UPDATE—I’m also a fan of U2, Dylan, and The Eagles.

23 thoughts on “How Smart Is Your Music?

  1. If it were to include my tastes, Bach,

    Can’t help but notice my name comes up a lot around here….


  2. I’d +1 for Weird Al if I could. My 6th-grade math teacher used to play a mixtape of Al songs every time we took tests. While my tolerance for math drops of at Calculus and above (Laplace and ODE’s, eurgh), I still collect what I can of Al’s work.

  3. Most of my music didn’t make the charts (heh), but that’s okay, I never took the SATs. My 1983 ACTs though… 34, 33, 29, 29 for a 31 composite. Maybe people should quit making fun of my music and start listening to Manilow, Neil Diamond, Air Supply, ABBA, Styx, BeeGees, Simon&Garfunkel… Okay, okay, quit laughing…

    • I’ll second ABBA. And now I’m doing a wander through Youtube finding all the stuff I listened to in the 70s. It would be interesting to see a version of that chart done on people who went to university/college in the 70s, the 80s, etc to see how they styles music differ (or not).

      So now I’m off to listen to some Journey, ABBA, and Kansas.

    • It’s all kids who started listening in the last ten years. Which means lots of crap as far as us old fogies are concerned. 🙂

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