6 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Voter ID

  1. As Lt. Frank Drebin says, “Please disburse, nothing to see here, Everything is under control, Please disburse!”

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    Just so we’re clear, for those who choose not to follow the link, a Republican running for office tried to vote for himself and other Republicans on the ballot. The voting machine in Cook County Illinois (that’s Chicago) put all his votes for the Democrat, including the guy who he is running against. “No evidence of vote fraud” you liars from the Left (Perry Hood of Lewes Delaware and all Democrat officials) claim? Liars gotta lie.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I vote in DuPage county, IL, which is south and west of Cook county. I’ll keep an eye on the machines as I vote since I would suspect they’re provided for by the same company.

    BTW while this happened in Cook County, it was not actually in Chicago, but the North West suburb of Schaumburg, which is also Cook county. While all of Chicago is Cook, not all of Cook is Chicago.

    • My wife grew up in Barrington. Back int the ’60s, her mother was the Republican precinct captain of what was the only majority Republican precinct in Cook County.

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