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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has claimed that he is somehow injured by the fact that Hogewash! has a Tip Jar. For instance, in paragraph 10 of his opposition to my motion to dismiss his first amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness he wrote,ECF 29-10The “they” he refers to are Aaron Walker and I.

In order to demonstrate that Hogewash! has such a donate button that raises money to “target” TDPK, he included Exhibit D—ECF 29-ExDpopcorn4bkThe sharp-eyed Gentle Reader will note that Exhibit D is a page from Paul Lemmen’s now-defunct blog Dead Citizen’s Rights Society. I suppose TDPK chose to use a page from that blog because it did have a link button to Bomber Sues Bloggers, something that couldn’t be found at Hogewash!. TDPK offered no explanation of how a page from someone else’s blog established the content of mine.

This is typical of the muddled thinking shown in Brett Kimberlin’s court pleadings. As I’ve said before, I look forward to seeing what manner of bizarre legal “reasoning” he employs in his omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his second amended complaint. I suspect his exhibits will be similarly disconnected from reality.

One more thing … Feel free to annoy Brett Kimberlin by hitting the Tip Jar.

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  1. Hmmm … I think my blog would be referred to as “re-branded” instead of “defunct”. The page in the exhibit still exists at but it will appear under the banner header of “A Conservative Christian Man”. (

  2. One day the English language will contain the words “Kimberfeltian Logic” defined as “concepts which are so muddled as to be ridiculous.” The premises and conclusions resemble logic, but are actually similar to correct thoughts in the way that jello is similar to concrete.

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