American Thinker reports that Obama voters seem to be in the first stage of grief—denial. According to polls conducted by USA Today, fewer voters in five of six states with toss up senate races say they voted for the President that actually did.

In 2012, Obama carried three of the states surveyed by USA TODAY and Suffolk University’s Political Research Center with more than 50% of the vote. But now just 47% of likely voters in Iowa, 46% in Colorado and 48% in Michigan say they voted for him.

Of the six states, only in Kansas did the percentage who remember voting for Obama match the actual election returns, at 38%. His standing slid 5 points in North Carolina and 2 in Arkansas.


11 thoughts on “Obamanesia

  1. I note that it’s a smaller number of likely voters by which they presumably mean likely voters for this election cycle. It’s always a possibility that the missing voters are people who are NOT likely voters this time around, having been too disillusioned, or else being presidential cycle only voters.

    Whether it’s that or people simply not wanting to admit they voted for him, I find it highly amusing.

    • This was my thought. Likely voters this election are not necessarily actual voters last election. If a lot of Obama voters are staying home for the midterms (as low information and Party-In-Power voters tend to do) that could explain the drop. No denial or shame for voting for Obama can be inferred from this data.

  2. problem we have is 30% of the population thinks going to the polls will get them more free money

    10% go to the polls thinking they are voting for their union will get them overpaid job protection which is free money

    45% go to the polls to try an just be left alone

    15% think that their version of purity gives them the moralism to inflict defeat on the 45% because the 45% are a lazy immoral selfish lot because they only agree 90% with the 15% so the 15% let the minority keep winning 100% until they get the 10% more agreement out of the 45%

  3. I work with half a dozen guys who had old Obama bumper stickers on their cars.

    They had a heat gun out in the parking lot last week, heating and removing the stickers.

    Haven’t asked them about it…but I have noted that only the cars that have dozens of assorted lefty stickers seem to be retaining the Obama stickers…the hard core, mentally ill lefties, perhaps?

    I’m encouraged.

    • it’s called the Obamaeffect – it occurs when the wife informs them that their insurance was cancelled on their kids

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