Organizational Incompetence

There’s a bit of a buzz about a significant portion of the crowd walking out on a speech by Barack Obama yesterday. While people walking out on the President of the United States is, and should be, news, it may not be the important part of the story.

The event where the President spoke was a campaign rally for Anthony Brown, the Democrats’ candidate for governor of Maryland. Last night, I happened to meet a young person who had been a volunteer campaign worker at the rally. The event had been disorganized, and the level of mismanagement soured that volunteer on politics. The volunteer bitterly expressed a desire not to get involved again.

Given that one of the main campaign issues that Brown faces is his mismanagement of Maryland’s disastrous rollout of its Obamacare website, a disorganized high-profile campaign event reinforces the impression that Brown is a lightweight bumbler.

In a couple of weeks, we will find out if that will be enough to overcome the Democrats’ registration advantage in Baltimore, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and their cemeteries.

5 thoughts on “Organizational Incompetence

  1. Why, Mr. Hoge! Are you insinuating (imputing) that the MD Democratic Party Machine would stoop to voter fraud? Don’t you know voter fraud is a myth perpetuated by right-wing nut jobs to supress the minority vote? There’s a very good website, “Justice through meddling” (or something to that effect) that details all these myths.

  2. On Ace’s site they point out that reporters who were at the event seemed puzzled about why people were leaving, and tweeted about it – as they snarked:

    We may never know why people started bailing early on the president. I wish there were a group of people whose purpose was to find that sort of thing out and then tell the rest of us about it.

    And here we have actual reporting from someone who actually talked to someone who was there. Good thing we have a member of the Society of Professional Journalists with a blog!

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