Slip, Sliding Away

You remember all that talk about how legalizing gay marriage wouldn’t require priests, ministers, or rabbis to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies in violation of their religious beliefs. There wasn’t going to be any slippery slope, or so we were told.

Two ministers in Idaho are facing up to 6 months in jail and up to $1000 in fines for each day that they continue to refuse to perform a same-sex wedding that a gay couple requested last Friday.

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  1. It’s amazing how no one ever listens when you bring up the slippery slope. And the same folks are always just amazed when exactly what the slippery slopers forcast comes to pass.

    Of course some of them wanted precisely that to happen and were lying through their teeth to begin with. (I know some folks who poo-poo the slippery slope arguments really do believe that it will never go that far; my parents never believed that companies would cut their staff to part time to avoid the PPACA requirements. I like to remind them of that occasionally.)

    • Leftist College Professors (redundancy for the most part) have declared Slippery Slope to be a fallacy. But since man is fallible, and power corrupts, and evil is the default setting on human life, Slippery Slope is also, by definition, the default setting.

      And, yes, the devout feminists (who are simultaneously Socialist and Lesbian) very clearly said this “marriage equality” push is actually an attempt to destroy the institution of marriage once and for all. A bonus for destroying Christianity. What they will never fathom is the “spaghetti monster in the sky”, the very real Being, is far more powerful than they will ever be.

  2. Joshua 24:15-And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

    Who do you serve?

  3. What a mess. First, we need to rope up all the weepy libs always b!tching about separation of church and state. Next, we need to ride herd on all the gay people who want to get married and drive them to the nearest mosque.

    This can be a win win all around if we play it right.

  4. Those who dismiss slippery slope arguments believe whatever is being argued against will never be used against them. So far they have mostly been right. I suspect many will change their tune when Obamacare is fully implemented – after the election of course.

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  6. My favorite one was (and still is) “You can’t repeal Obamacare! What are you going to replace it with?”

    Which is analogous to saying, “You can’t put out that fire! What are you going to replace it with?”

    Turn the clock back 50 years. Consider the efficacy of various government programs implemented since the Johnson administration.

    The War on Poverty – failure
    The War on Drugs – failure
    Prison Reform – failure
    The Community Reinvestment Act – failure
    PPACA – failure in progress
    Common Core – failure in progress

    Can we come up with any successes?

    The record of history plainly confirms the Founder’s vision of government, in that any expansion of the limited, clearly enumerated powers and duties, even (or perhaps ESPECIALLY) those with the best of intentions, is doomed to failure.

    Until there arises an overwhelming change in the attitude of the average American (and I believe the decline has already gone too far), the slippery slope we have been on since 1964, which has now become noticeable enough to feel will accelerate into an abyss that will end our nation.

    Hopefully I’ll be gone before it happens.

    • I wish people would quit declaring the War On Poverty to be a failure. The US defeated poverty almost completely. When nobody has any money, the person with the nickel is rich. When everyone is a billionaire, the millionaire is poor. When making one dollar an hour in 2014 puts you right smack in the middle class in your country, that makes American “poor” rather well off.

      Just look around the world. Look at the Philippines (people can still work for 50 cents an hour, and do, 9 hours a day, 6 days a week). The vast majority of America’s “poor” are decidedly not poor.

      • I get your point, but the hidden nature of the failure of the War on Poverty lies in the constant shifting of the goalposts.

        They keep changing what it means to be “poor” so they can keep sucking up tax money.

        There’s an old 60s/70s song called “I’d Love To Change the World” with this lyric:

        Tax the rich, feed the poor
        Till there are no rich no more

        I think that lyric reflects more truth about the “War on Poverty” than liberals care to admit. Because if the goal is really to end poverty, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to fight until there are no more poor people?

        But that makes too much sense for hard lefty moonbats to understand.

  7. What do you think would happen if the Westboro Baptist folks when to a gay bakery and demanded they make a cake decorated with their various versions of “God hates fags” memes? Would the govt force the bakers to comply or go out of business or would they get a pass? I’m guessing they would get a pass since forcing them to bake such a cake would ‘violate’ their civil rights somehow.

    It’s like people haven’t stopped to think that forcing someone to go against their strongly held beliefs in deference of yours could come back to bite them in the ass.

    • To them it’s always about the “feeewingggs.” Their feeeewings are what matter, never mind that some people have deep moral convictions that are in conflict with their feeeewings. People are free to follow their moral convictions, not necessarily their feeeewings.

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    This is further evidence this whole Homosexual Marriage thing has been a farce to begin with. As RS McCain pointed out, it is to destroy marriage. It is also to destroy Christianity. But both will fail the anti-Christian zealots.

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