5 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. I thought gender was a patriarchal construct… I guess chics use it to promote femanormative conformity. Those gals are learning a lot at that little school of theirs. Bless their hearts.

  2. What is the opposite of hierarchy? Victim politics and authentication of power for this group seems to operate from a bottom up perspective.

    The lowest of the low are ‘white males’, if you are part of that label you are the worst and even LGBT status cannot cure you of the evils assigned to that tribe. All members of that tribe that perform tribe self flaggelation appear to be at least acribed personhood (as opposed to those that do not spew diatribes against their own and are relegated to non-person status), but even when the ritual denouncements are in place they will always be trumped by someone with a higher status victim label.

    Seems overly complicated to me.

    • Well, being a gun-owning, married for 3 decades, never on the dole, debt-free, self assured, curmudgeonly white male patriarch breeder, I guess I’m going to have to simply…ignore…what those who do not like me should happen to think of me.

      No time, I’m too busy having FUN fixing good things, and throwing boxes of sand and bags of wrenches into the works of things I don’t like…


      Hi, Cousin Bill! Miss me, yet?

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