Tyranny Checked

Bryan Preston reports over at PJ Media that Houston Mayor’s Annise Parker’s subpoenas seeking sermons and other communications by church pastors related to resistance to the Houston “equal rights” ordinance allowing, among other things, men to use women’s restrooms will be “clarified.” In other words, the PR cost of her heavy-handed thuggery is too great.

Actually, asking for sermons should not be a problem. After all, sermons are generally public proclamations. The real problem is that internal church communications are also sought, and that may cross the line defined by pastoral counseling privilege.

When the people in the gay rights movement were essentially focused on their right to be left alone to do things in private, their cause had some traction with folks who didn’t agree with their private behavior. Now that some LGBTQs demand that their public behavior be allowed or even endorsed, there is increasing resistance. The need to resort to bullying such as Mayor Parker’s subpoenas shows the inherent weakness of their cause.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has some comments here.

9 thoughts on “Tyranny Checked

  1. I think it is a mistake to believe that tyrrany has been checked. It is only being clarified. They are issuing subpoenas WHEN THERE IS NOT EVEN AN ALLEGATION OF A CRIME.

    So they are backing off the sermons. Woop. Ti. Do.

    They are saying the subpoenas are overly broad. No, they are unconstitutional and impermissible, not overly broad. If they think a crime has occurred they need to get before a grand jury.

    Not sure where I saw it, but the proper response from the pastors should have been “if you want to know what my sermons are saying, the doors are open, there is room in the pews.” Anything else, I have a lawsuit for you.

  2. She is rethinking a way to do another run at it.

    Of Course the Republican County and the Republican State House and the Republican State Senate could think about dissolving the “City of Houston” and put it under the county commission like in other counties in Texas

  3. I’d like to know how the justify someone with no legal authority to do so tossing just enough names off the petition to bring it under the 17k threshold? That should be the first argument made. Everything else should be on hold until that question is settled. If it’s found the mayor’s office acted outside the scope of it’s authority in tossing the names, which it’s plain under law they did, everything else just goes away.

    • How about some consequences for their bad behavior, not just this thing going away? All sorts of bad actions have a way of stopping when the price for them gets too high.

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