In Re RICO Madness

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has asked for another extension of time to file his opposition to the motions to dismiss in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. His filing is due on 15 October. He’s asked for an extension to 14 November.

I have sent a letter to Judge Hazel opposing any such extension.

11 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

  1. That should leave a mark, however, I do not believe the judge is impartial (based on his actions to date) and am of the opinion he should recuse himself as an admirer of a convicted domestic terrorist, alleged pedophile and suspected murderer.
    His activities and rulings in this case bring disrepute upon the court as well as himself. Just another politically motivated judicial hack.

  2. Seriously, justice delayed (as this has been) is justice denied.

    An entire year has passed, with Kimberlin diddling with service, prolonging the irritation and increasing the expense (and who’s paying for his costs, I wonder?), and it needs to end.

  3. Mandy is sick, I don’t understand Pat’s motivation; and Ace, well you let Ace off the hook. The unmitigated gall of kimberlin is beyond my comprehension. Does the right to a speedy trial not apply in RICO?


  4. Has anyone here been follow Mark Steyn’s case with Michael Mann? That civil case has been going on for over a year, to the point where Steyn decided not to try to anti-SLAPP, etc., preferring just to go to trial and defend himself. Can’t get the plaintiff into court! It’s not just this case.

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