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While I wait for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin to file his omnibus response to the defendants’ motions to dismiss his second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, I thought if might be interesting to review the story of his vexatious federal lawsuit by reposting some of the highlights of the past year’s coverage. During one rather unhinged filing, TDPK brought up the legal unpleasantness between Bill Schmalfeldt and me. It has no bearing on the RICO Madness, so I pointed that out in my reply to his rant. The Cabin Boy™ got all pissy about being mentioned in my filing.

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Originally Posted on 11 February, 2014

It would be unwise for the Bill Schmalfeldt to try my patience.2014radio210402102217Z

If Bill Schmalfeldt does not wish to be a part of the legal proceedings pending between Brett Kimberlin and the defendants in the Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, et al. lawsuit, he should consider asking Kimberlin to refrain from bringing him into any further filings with the court, either directly or indirectly.

For now, I have no particular reason to involve Schmalfeldt in that lawsuit—I only mentioned him in a reply to allegations relating to him raised by Kimberlin in an opposition to two of my motions—but not all the other defendants necessarily agree with me.

There are times when it’s smart to keep one’s head down.

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Of course, Bill Schmalfeldt couldn’t keep his nose out of other peoples’ business. He wrote a letter to Judge Grimm bad mouthing me. The judge ordered his letter returned by the Clerk.

This letter does not appear to be a valid filing—Schmalfeldt has not sought to intervene under Fed. R. Civ. P. 24, nor has he received permission to file as an amicus curiae. Further, it does not appear that he could file a memorandum amicus curiae as “an impartial individual who suggests the interpretation and status of the law, gives information concerning it, and whose function is to advise in order that justice may be done.” Leigh v. Engle, 535 F. Supp. 418, 420 (N.D. Ill. 1982). The Schmalfeldt Letter appears more akin to “a memorandum amicus petitor, one proffered as a friend of the plaintiff(s).” Id. at 422. As such, it is not an appropriate filing in this case. Accordingly, the Schmalfeldt Letter will be STRICKEN from the record, and future filings from non-parties will not be accepted.

The Cabin Boy™ sent a second letter. It was also returned.BaghdadBlob20140113

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  1. By the power of the FTC, the FBI, and the Amazon Federal Police, I now pronounce myself the ruler of all I survey, answer me immediately or I will be forced to host pictures of more young girls on my disappearing websites

  2. To return funds most Parkinson organizations would have actually had to have received them, kind of like all these phone calls and letters to mysterious LE organizations = they would have had to actually receive one….

    • wow imagine that 3 websites scrubbed and another pic of a young girl deleted from facebook – it might be a tad bit inconvenient for someone, that I have the screen caps and the tweet that everything he does is legal including posting pictures of girls on his websites……..

      Helps when they confess without askin….

      not like they have ties to anyone with ties to felons

  3. Mr. Hoge, I mostly lurk and snark, but I’ve lost my scorecard. Please help me get back up to speed.
    The MD case Kimberlin v. Aaron et. al. has been kicked out for you, Aaron, RSM and Ali.
    The parallel Fed/RICO madness addressed in this post is awaiting omnibus reply from Kimby after nearly six months of delays in Kimby’s favor; but collateral estoppel will weigh heavily in y’all’s favor.
    You settled with schmalfeldt (against the advice of the Lickspittles); he behaved like a donkey, you filed for another PO … he’s abiding by the letter of the PO (as of this writing).
    Kimby is still suing a phantom/anonymous somebody (KU) for ???
    schmalfeldt and a fictional character are still in court in re copyright/defamation; but the fictional character is steadfastly maintaining the fiction of his existence.
    When is Kimby supposed to file his response, and do you have any comment on the apparently blatant disregard the judge has shown for the anonymity of Ace of Spades?

  4. Yeah, Gus. It might be time for an official “Where Do We Stand” post. Or actually that might be counter-productive, since Mr. Kimberlin filed some paper last week with the wrong court, and another fella totally blew off a court appearance and lost his case regarding a PO. Maybe it’s better to make Team Kimberlin keep track of their own stuff.

  5. Damn, I came to see the curb stomping I was promised. All I see is our gracious host quoting someone. Well, I guess if that someone realizes what a fool they are they could construe a direct quote as “curb stomping” them. Solution? Try either to shut your maw, or quit saying stupid stuff.

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