Prevarication Du Jour

@wmsdb201410071215ZBad news? For whom? Dismissal with prejudice means that the plaintiff loses and cannot bring up his claim(s) again. Effectively, Simon & Schuster and James O’Keefe have won the lawsuit.

Has the Cabin Boy™ moved from Acme Legal to Acme PR?

28 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. So apparently Shakey thinks your previous post, pointing out his actions is equal to “curb stomping”.
    Gee it’s as if liars don’t like it when others tell the truth about their lies.

  2. See , you guys have missed the point. He knows he is being curb stomped and can do nothing about it. Break out your stompy boots and get busy Hoge!

    • The week before the court date he tweeted that he hoped WJJH would not press the appeal. “Hope” does NOT equal “he promised he wouldn’t.”

  3. Meh. Call me when you’re killing him… again. Or wait, is “They’re killing me.” on Tuesdays? I can never remember. I really should put these things on my outlook calendar so I can keep up.

  4. Simon and Schuster was one of the deep-pocket defendants Brett Kimberlin was targeting for a paycheck. Settling for each party paying their own fees is a total surrender of his objective of being paid to play a lawyer. Soon, one way or the other, the remaining deep-pocket defendants will be dropped without paying. Then, for Brett Kimberlin, all that waits is the final humiliation, and, a determination as to whether, or not, he is vexatious litigant.

      • Which makes Bill Schmalfeldt’s claims about Ace of Spades settling interesting. One of Brett Kimberlin’s marketing points in his shakedown of Ace of Spades was promises that Ace could keep his anonymity. If Ace did settle, and that was a term, that would mean that Brett Kimberlin pretty much stabbed Neal Raushauser in the back.

  5. Heh. Dementia doesn’t fit, schizophrenia is closer considering his age and Alzheimer’s seems a better diagnosis by symptomatology.
    The brain disease of Liberalism, considering ALL the noted symptoms, appears to be an exact match (stupidity and lying are two of the main symptoms (others include self-delusion and self-entitlement and victimhood syndrome).

  6. Does anyone know why BS was relieved of his duties as editor of Breitbart Unmasked and as head of BK’s so-called National Bloggers Club?

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