Mismanagement at the State Department

The Washington Examiner reports that the State Department Inspector General has uncovered rampant mismanagement of grants by the department under Secretary Clinton.

Why am I not surprised?ECF 135-152UPDATE—I should tell the Gentle Reader who may not be familiar with Brett Kimberlin’s (The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin) vexatious lawsuit against over a score of bloggers and media entities (including me) that paragraph 152 above is from the second amended complaint in that lawsuit. Search on the term <RICO Madness> in the search box above to learn more.

17 thoughts on “Mismanagement at the State Department

  1. “OK. One more thing. Abdulla? Mohammed? Listening? Thanks. One more thing. Always take the timers out of the Impala, and clean the trunk thoroughly. That’s all for today.”

  2. If only there were some legal means to get a look at the accounting books of a “nonprofit”. Hmm…

    Maybe resources being misdirected by Shakey (which seems to be his task) could instead be concentrated on digging up useful information.

      • While I like the idea, it’s not a government entity. So that won’t work. Frankly, the IRS should have audited them, but didn’t because they’re such small potatoes. Not even a half million in income between both “nonprofits”, and the income from private foundations, not the public, doesn’t seem to trip their circuits.

        • The State Department IS a government entity, however. No, you won’t get a copy of the books for the ‘charity’, but you can figure out how much the taxpayers paid and for what services. If worded correctly, you could probably obtain the applications for the grants.

      • I repeat, Kimberlin’s “charities” didn’t get a government grant. They were allowed to participate, I think, not specifically recruited, and certainly not paid.

        How do I know?

        It’s in the 990’s. If either JTMP or VRUS had been paid by the State Department to do some sort of presentation or outreach, it would have been listed as a government contract, and singled out. Oh, and just to make things more fun, they’d have to demonstrate compliance with the terms of the contract, which is not a minor thing.

        So, no, they didn’t receive a grant.

        • Okay, I get it now. I could have sworn someone said they got grant money (or maybe the pipsqueak said he was stymied in that attempt by those evil bloggers)

  3. The management of a nonprofit organization just might allocate significant time and effort towards thwarting attempts to see their accounting books. Those records should, by law, include detailed information about expenditures. I’m guessing the requested accounting information would need to include copies of canceled checks.

    • And, or course, there can be no intermingling of nonprofit funds and personal accounts of people managing the nonprofit.

    • Not multiple copies, but you’d best believe you must tie every expenditure to a receipt.

      I spend a lot of my time being sure expenses are both prudent and reasonable, and fully documented.

  4. Has anyone confirmed bk jtmp actually got paid by state dept. It could be another bk elaboration like he says jtmp works with famous musicians

    • Good question. A review of the nonprofit’s accounting books would certainly provide an answer.

    • There is not a single item in the 990 under government contracts. So, no. JTMP received no money from State.

      Or, and this would not be legal, they’re not accounted for.

    • I’ve searched USASpending.gov with the DUNS numbers for both JTMP and VRUS, under both prime and sub-awards.

      Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

      Lying liars gotta lie.

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