Is This Defect Covered By Warranty?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the lesbian who is suing the sperm bank because her daughter is defective. She’s white, but she was sent sperm from a black donor. The child is mixed race. So there’s a lawsuit. The lesbian parents say that it is stressful having to raise a mixed race child in a predominately white community. They complain that it is difficult to find a place to get their daughter a decent haircut.

Kevin D. Williamson has a piece about the situation over at NRO.

Nothing in the modern world has contributed to the devaluation of women as pitilessly as has the reduction of motherhood to the status of a take-out order of ovum foo young, and yet nothing is held so sacred by feminists. I cannot imagine that when the early feminists wrote about the “commodification of women” that they ever imagined it would get so literal, with product warranties and all.

Read the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “Is This Defect Covered By Warranty?

  1. I hope these seemingly enlightened, probably liberal, likely progressive-talking racists can just get over it! I know many heterosexual couples who have adopted across racial types just so they can raise God’s most precious gift.

  2. all I know that some rabbi went around centuries ago and said if we all treated every child as if they were our own, world have fewer problems, he’s lucky he didn’t make those comments today, they just would crucify him….

  3. They are just proving how narcissistic they are. They haven’t even considered how their child feels, being told that she wasn’t wanted. “Hey we love you kid, but we’re suing because you’re not what we wanted” just doesn’t sound like what a child needs to hear.

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