You’re Welcome, Bob

I received this tweet from Bob Belvedere (whose The Camp of the Saints is a blog I follow).BobB201410042330Z Bob was one of the folks who participated in the Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day back in May, 2012, and he has been a steady source of encouragement over the past couple of years.

Bob hits the mark dead center when he refers to the Team Kimberlin nonsense as “Banal Evil.” Just today, I’ve received comments here at Hogewash! that fit that description. I reproduced one of them in an earlier post. Others that I’ve received in the last 24 hours make scandalous references to my wife and late mother. Another makes offensive reference to my religious beliefs. Another implies that I am impotent. The latest simply calls me “Pussy.” I got a better grade of insults thrown at me during recess in the sixth grade.

Yep, banal and evil pretty well sums up these bozos.

As I said at the beginning: You’re welcome, Bob.

And Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Heiaha! Heiaha!

UPDATE—Not 20 minutes after this post went up, a particularly puerile comment came in. This brings up a couple of points. First, one wonders what sort of life the commenter has if he’s sitting around refreshing this site in his browser. Second, it highlights the desperation that he must feel when his only response can be sophomoric insult rather than facts and reason.


5 thoughts on “You’re Welcome, Bob

  1. Bob is a good man. A warrior for truth in his own right.

    You can add my utmost gratitude (along with many, many others) to the pile, as well, John.

    Keep fighting the good fight, sir. God bless… always.

  2. “…what kind of life….?” Not much. I’ll try to encourage you and the rest of those who battle shuttuppery, but I can’t imagine sending a message like the ones you get.

    But of course a reliable journalist once said if you’d just forget about Brett Kimberlin…

  3. Unfortunately, a certain commenter cannot help himself. he has nothing valuable to say, but he cannot bear to say nothing. It is sad for you that you must receive his nasty drivel, but think how sad it must be for him to be unable to stop that drivel from dribbling from his orifice.

    • Wow, that guy must have gotten his PhD (Pile it higher, and Deeper) degree from the Acme Law School (online.)

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