Prevarication Du Jour

@wmsdb201410041306ZWhile he has taken down his deterioradio_dot_com site, the Cabin Boy™ apparently believes that the material he has published on his schmalfelt_dot_org and anonymouscowardsanonymous_dot_wordpress_dot_com sites deal with books, radio, or Parkinson’s advocacy. It looks like the same old attack crap to me. (I would publish thumbnails to show the kind of pictures of his perceived enemies that the Cabin Boy™ has up on his sites, but I have agreed not to publish any of his material in violations of any Terms of Service. While tweets are fair game, junk from his own sites is not.)

A side note: If the Cabin Boy™ is serious about Anonymous Cowards Anonymous, it may mean that he has realized that he is powerless over anonymous cowardice and that his life has become unmanageable. When that sinks in, perhaps he will come to believe that it will take a Power greater than himself to restore him to sanity.

22 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

    • He’d never do it. He is never wrong. He is never the aggressor. He is always the victim. Everything that happens to him is someone else’s fault. He’s always been like that, he’ll always be like that.

    • It would take Bill Schmalfeldt years to enumerate all the people he has wronged. It would take Bill Schmalfeldt about a day to follow the Ninth Step. Beyond sending John Hoge sworn copies of the material he was subpoenaed to produce, but refused to deliver. with an accompanying note that reads, “I will cooperate truthfully and fully with any investigation you may have concerning Brett Kimberlin, Neal Raushausher and the other members of Team Kimberlin,” there is little Bill Schmalfeldt could do to satisfy the Ninth Step. That is because the Ninth Step explicitly forbids contacting those people who would be further harmed by the attempt at making amends.

      Bill Schmalfeldt has dedicated years of his life to annoying, insulting, humiliating, demeaning, doxing, harassing, stalking, framing and threatening other people solely for his personal amusement. Bill Schmalfeldt contacting the people he has attacked would merely be adding another level of insult to the injures he has caused. The best analogy I can think of is that of the BTK [“Bind, Torture, and Kill”] serial killer. He confessed his crimes in explicit detail. While this might nominally fall within the definition of cataloguing one’s wronging of others, he didn’t confess to make amends. His sole purpose in confessing was to torment his victim’s relatives with the explicit details about how much their loved ones suffered at the end.

      No, beyond cooperating with the civil and criminal prosecution of himself, and his associates, the best amends Bill Schmalfeldt can make for his wrongdoings is to slink away into obscurity.

  1. Translation: “I’m trying to memory hole all the evidence against me. Besides, I can’t afford the webhosting fees now that my chief sponsor has deemed me a waste of resources, or worse. I’ll try to spin these necessities as a virtue.”

  2. Strange, WordPress seems to only be down for two sites. TMZ and the other one. Get the same error on both but no other WordPress hosted site. Hmmmmmm

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  3. Finally! Gotta get some of that Hoggy “hate crack”!

    I figured you’d get tired of Krendler stealing your page hits, John, it was only a matter of time.

    But we all know this is where the cool kids hang out.

    (like my new pocket protector?)

    • jeez, Shakey is regaling his twitter audience of 3 how he “figured” out you were Heather.
      I’ve heard he’s gone thru the same story several times, however now he claims he didn’t know “the girl” was dead, where as before he claimed he was setting “trapsy-wapsy” cause he knew she was but claimed to have spoken to her.
      I guess it’s a good thing for him no one else in the entire country could’ve possibly known both Heather, the girl, that she filed a domestic abuse order on him AND that she had passed away, cause otherwise his “research” falls completely apart.

      • Actually, I believe it was Chris Heather who had filed for the order. And yes, no one else, even the girl’s family could possible have known any of those facts, never mind all of them./sarc

        The creature in Elkridge masquerading as a human makes platyhelminthes look intelligent and sophisticated.

      • no, the injury to the psychologist would be substantial – can you imagine the years of disappearing blog posts…

      • Bill Schmalfeldt needs to be evaluated ASAP because of the danger he poses to others. I simply don’t care if he constitutes a threat to himself. I would consider it a profound injustice to his numerous victims to care. If BIll Schmalfeldt’s internet behavior is in fact a cry for help, I would have to refer him to the words and lyrics of Jo Dee Messina.

    • I would note that Bill Schmalfeldt was going to stalk and harass someone. John Hoge has consistently dealt with Bill Schmalfeldt’s nonsense with grace and dignity. That response has not reflected well on Bill Schmalfeldt. I will be satisfied when law enforcement in Howard County does it job. Until then, events have unfolded about has well as they possibly could have.

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