Prevarication Du Jour

wmsdbIf @WmsDb is the Cabin Boy’s™ only Twitter account, then who do these belong to?wmsmusicradioinjusticebusterThey were active accounts as of 9:15 pm ET tonight.

sir robin shieldUPDATE—A bit less than an hour after this post went up, I was informed that the Cabin Boy™ had taken his @WmsDb account private.


Why bother having a Twitter feed?

Moreover, why bother with an Internet presence at all when the vast majority of one’s postings generate more trouble than they are worth?

Two years ago, the Cabin Boy™ seemed to be a credible threat on the Internet. He had caused a significant amount of bother to several families. Then, about a year-and-a-half ago, he made the mistake of picking on me. I’ve kept after him and been able to hold him at least partially accountable for his actions, in the process demonstrating what a worthless non-entity he actually is. No one takes him seriously any more, and, to the extent that he is bothersome, he’s now seeing similar pushback from the people he annoys. Maryland and Arizona have already found him to be a harasser. A couple more states may join them soon.

Twitter, Kindle, and other online hosts and venues are getting wise to him. Supporting jerks who piss off their revenue generating customers doesn’t fit their business models. He will find himself more isolated day-by-day.

If the Cabin Boy™ had a milligram of sense, he’d pack it in. If …

16 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Really?
    Well I’m shocked, SHOCKED!!1!, I tell you to find Twinkie is STILL a lying liar, who LIES!!.


  2. First rule of Schmalfeldt, never believe Schmalfeldt.
    I have to believe “Schmalfeldt” translates to “pathological liar” in at least 3 languages.

  3. As I have written may times, openly defying restraining orderings, and, willfully violating the law will continue to be an effective strategy for Bill Schmalfeldt right up to the time he goes to jail.

    I’m reminded of how they trap monkeys in India. They put rice in a narrow-necked jar. The neck is just wide enough for a monkey’s fist to pass. When the monkey grabs a handful of rice his clinched fist is now wider than the neck of jar. He can’t extract his hand without letting go of the rice. But, the monkey is loath to let go of the rice. He does all he can to extract his hand with the rice to no avail. Eventually, the trapper captures the monkey.

    Some have described the monkey as haven falling into a value trap. The monkey perceives the rice as being of value, but, the reality is that the rice is of disvalue. He will never be able to eat it, but, it is about cost him his freedom. Bill Schmalfeldt has fallen into his own value trap. He is fixated on seeking vengeance against John Hoge. He continues to place himself in increasing peril in a futile quest for it. The negative consequences to himself continue to build. His reputation is in tatters. He has sabotaged his ability to seek gainful employment leaving him in dire poverty. He is under restraining orders from multiply states. And, eventually, he may very will face incarceration, or involuntary commitment. But, Bill Schmalfeldt simply will not let go.

    The analogy isn’t quite perfect. The monkey can’t think rationally. Bill Schmalfeldt won’t think rationally. One feels sorry for the monkey. No one pities Bill Schmalfeldt. By his very nature, the fate of the monkey is sealed when he first clinches the rice. Bill Schmalfeldt is merely taking poor choices at every point.

    Never mind, I think I was wrong about that last one!

  4. The guy, I’ve concluded, is clearly mentally ill. I’m no doc, but have raised two severely emotionally disturbed children my wife and I adopted, and it all seems so familiar. The irresistible compulsion to return to sources of proven failure and danger, perseveration on things that should be let go of, and no ability to tell the truth in the here and now. I’m actually fairly sure BS intends to turn over a new leaf every time he says he does. The problem he has is that such a promise means nothing to him five minutes after he makes it. He is also crying out for attention even as he screams that he just wants to be left alone. In my experience, it doesn’t matter what anyone on this side does anymore. This conflict has, in his sick twisted mind, given his sad little life (and at some level he knows that it is) purpose and meaning, even if he is the only person who understands what those things are. So he’s like global thermonuclear war at this point- he’s launched, he’ll continue to mash the red button with his stubby little fingers until the cows come home, and there’s no calling anything back. He’s very sad in a way, but in the sense that you feel sadness for a loathsome monster because it will never be able to become something better.

  5. he just can’t seem to quit my kids – if anything entrenched and has dug up pictures of other people’s kids – I guess getting severed from Twitter – we identified nearly 80 identities of his almost all suspended – getting cut off has sent him into a range he is creating sites hate sites, its amazing the energy of this patient IV is exhibiting = also saw a picture somewhere of him driving – looked very recent.


      • One ignores a cyber stalker by ignoring the cyber stalker. The real question is how does one ignore the consequences being cyber stalker? While you can ignore the websites where Bill Schmalfeldt doxes people, it is much harder to “ignore” a SWAT team when they are banging on your door. And, even if you choose to ignore Bill Schmalfeldt, it doesn’t always follow that your employer will do likewise.

        What Bill Schmalfeldt is attempting to do is to blame his victims for his crimes.

  6. What’s particularly reprehensible is his going after EPWJ’s family. EPWJ never maligns BS’s wife or kids, he does not photoshop BS’s family, yet BS feels it’s ok to pull EPWJ’s kids into this. Oh, wait – according to 10/4/2014 Kimberlin post of the day, we’re not “ordinary humans,” so we deserve what we get, right?

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