In Re RICO Madness and Copyright Trolling

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is not particularly good at attending to details. Consider these two motion which he just filed in U. S. District Court. The first relates to his copyright trolling lawsuit against Kimberlin Unmasked. The second relates to his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

Note to which court he addressed his motions.ECF 23_ECF 202This really seems to be over the limit, even for a pro se litigant.

7 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness and Copyright Trolling

    • You are being exceptionally generous to a court that has shown no inclination to rein in the Dread Pedo. Being generous, I’d say a 10% chance he gets anything other than “now, now Bomberboy, don’t do that again”.

  1. Well, we will see what Judge Hazel thinks of the world he has created.

    BK has sent in a notice to the court declaring that Ace of Spades is served because he sent a new summons to Paul Levy by Express Mail – no certification or verification. He sent it AFTER notification that Levy no longer represented Ace of Spades.

    It will be interesting to see how Hazel reacts to having his orders diddled with. I can almost see him ignoring the forgery stuff because that happened before he came on the case. But this is direct diddling of Hazel’s orders.

    He also put in the motions that he requested for alternate service on Ali and Lynn Thomas. Basically putting the “they know about it and I sent them email so they are served” theory out there.

    If Hazel grants these motions he will be plowing new ground, making new law. The precedent will be out there that if you email some address that you think belongs to somebody, they are served.

    A Brave New World indeed.

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