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While I wait for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin to file his omnibus response to the defendants’ motions to dismiss his second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, I thought if might be interesting to review the story of his vexatious federal lawsuit by reposting some of the highlights of the past year’s coverage. One of the high points of both the state and federal lawsuits was the discovery of the first example of TDPK altering evidence.

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Originally Posted on 14 January, 2014

Last Thursday, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed a status report with the U. S. District Court concerning his service of process on the defendants in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. He included the following among his exhibits in that report.AliService

This appears to be a copy of the returned envelope of his attempted service on Ali Akbar. It appears to have sufficient postage that both the federal and state complaints could have been enclosed.

The Maryland state rule requires that service of process by mail be by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, Restricted Delivery. Note that the Restricted Delivery “Yes” box is not checked.AliServiceZoomThat means that the attempt as service was defective.

One of the motions heard yesterday in the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit was TDPK’s motion for alternate service declaring that Ali had been served. In support of that motion, TDPK submitted what was purported to be a copy of the same envelope, but that copy showed a check mark in the Restricted Delivery “Yes” box. When the Judge Burrell was made aware of the fact that Kimberlin has previously filed an exhibit containing a copy of the envelope that, like the federal filing, did not have the check mark, she noted the inconsistency between the two exhibits and denied TDPK’s motion.

It has been suggested that the exhibit filed with the motion for alternate service on Ali Akbar was forged. That is not inconsistent with the evidence.

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Of course, the Team Kimberlin PR machine tried to spin things to show that it was the defendant’s who were lying.

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Originally Posted on 11 January, 2014

Baghdad Blob sez—BaghdadBlob20140111

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As we’ll see in a later post, not only was it true that TDPK was altering documents, but he wound up having to admit it in an open court hearing.



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  1. The end justifies the means – the same logic Lenin and Stalin used to murder tens of millions of their own people.

    Nowadays, there are some people who falsely label themselves “progressive”, or “liberal’, but then have no problem lying, cheating and stealing to get what they want. Just common thieves. The idea of shame is a joke to them. The concept of truth is a menace, a threat. In reality, there is nothing truly progressive nor truly liberal about them. They just want what they want – and the end justifies the means.

    In such a belief system it would be difficult to trust anyone, even those you consider your “friends”. Because, hey, the end justifies the means.

  2. Nice Things We Can Say about Bill Schmalfeldt

    All these things are “as far as we know”:

    He has never tried to have his wife put in jail or forced her to undergo a mental evaluation.
    He has never run a drug-trafficking operation.
    He has never set bombs to go off at a high school football game.
    He has never, as an adult, taken an adolescent girl on a cross-country trip to Disneyland.
    He has never forced his own children to testify in court about pedophilia.
    He has never had to listen to his wife’s boyfriend say over a cellphone ” I’m using your own car to do cookies around a parking lot while your wife is giving me a BJ.”
    He has never forced himself to eat a seal while police were watching.
    He has never forged court documents.

    Am I missing anything? Feel free to add. I’m sure Bill would appreciate it. Maybe it would make him think about reality.

    • He never resorted to slapping an underaged girl and taking away her beloved puppy as part of a strategy to control the object of his own pedophilic obsession.
      He has never gotten an international drug smuggling colleague of his to murder an area grandma, as retaliation for the grandma stopping a predatory pedophilic relationship between himself and her way underaged granddaughter.
      He has never buried bomb parts and a murder weapon in the yard of a recently bereaved daughter, as part of a framing attempt to get that daughter in trouble for the murder of her own grandmother.
      He has never detonated a strong explosive device, constructed with .445 caliber lead balls to make deadly shrapnel, in a residential apartment parking lot, resulting in total destruction of one car and major damage to two others in the area.
      He has never detonated a strong explosive device in the middle of a strip mall, which knocked people to the ground, blew up storefront windows, and destroyed the windshield of one of the cars parked in the area.
      He has never detonated a strong explosive device concealed in a gym bag, in a full school parking lot while a high school football game is just getting out.
      He has never had such a big “trove” of suggestive pictures of a way underaged girlfriend, interspersed with lots of pictures of himself lounging around the yard and house nude, that his own authorized biographer could only come up with the words “heart-piercing torment of Humbert Humbert.”
      He never made hundreds of thousands of dollars helping mafia convicts abuse the court process, and then bragged to a New Yorker writer about how he hid the money from his own bombing victim.
      He never wrote two different songs extolling his enthusiasm for having sex with underaged girls.
      He never bombed his hometown and then presented a pathetic string of empty contradictory stories about how someone else did it – first offering a nonsensical CIA conspiracy theory that only an idiot could believe; then implying it could have been a friend of his; then when his brother died, arguing that his brother (who wasn’t even in the same state during the bombings) could have done it.
      When he loses in court, he doesn’t sue the prosecutor, the witnesses, or his victim’s lawyer.
      He doesn’t hire Neal Rauhauser to run a years long harassment campaign, to retaliate against people who spread facts about his wrongdoing.
      He doesn’t run two charities with seven-figure incomes which he uses to finance his fantasy lifestyle while concealing his huge wealth from a bombing victim of his.
      He never became the first known person in American history to ever forge a court summons.
      He never was up to so much forgery that he became the first known person in American history to ever have to be charged with mis-using the Presidential Seal.
      He was never up to so much fraud that he became what was perhaps the first person to ever have to be charged with illegal possession of military insignia.

      • Hey, this Schmalfelt guy is turning out to be a real mensch, with all these crimes he’s never commited, It makes you wonder who his good friends are.

      • BKWatch, you forgot about the deliberate sabotage of military components he was assembling as part of his prison employment.

        How does Schmalfeldt feel about this attempt to injure or kill his fełlow service members? He can’t deny it happened. BK admitted (and is proud of) doing it!

        So Bill just ignores it.


    • Correction: In the first sentence of the main paragraph, replace the word “or” with the word “nor”.

  3. Come on, Bill. Kimberlin tried to have his own wife committed. You would go to the ropes to save your wife. Why do you back a sociopathic scumbag?

    No one is asking you to turn on anyone. Just stop supporting the sociopathic bomber. Then start dealing with your own situation. (Which none of your “friends” are going to help you with.)

  4. I love it when someone blogs “I haven’t broken any laws” and in the same blog says “those court orders were obtained illegally”

    • Considering that his appeals have failed every time and Res Judicata has attached, his whines are unbelievable and totally self-serving.
      Ok Bill, now you can call my PO and whine I’ve hurt your feelings … again. Coward.

      • He’s been busy he has

        printed information about my kids, their locations, what they were doing

        made a false FTC filing by his own admission to coerce me into deleting something that I reviewed

        made a false report to the FBI to coerce me into deleting something that I reviewed

        made a false report to Maryland Authorities to coerce me into deleting something that I reviewed

        made a false report to the Henry County CID to coerce me into deleting something that I reviewed

        created threats online – entered into a possible conspiracy with several lawyers on AVVO to coerce me into deleting something that I reviewed

        openly discussed with a possible gangster in the UK what “retaliations” were available towards me

        solicited free books for reviews fore the purpose of increasing book sales – probably violating numerous statutes

        Created a hate website devoted to copying Amazons copyrighted website reviews to coerce me into deleting something that I reviewed

        and that was as of Wednesday

        Popcorn is now offered by the pallet here at Hogewash, please inquire with the pleasant sales staff to arrange delivery

      • Bill’s going to need some help coming up with new twitter account names. The poor man has exhausted his own library of possibilities.

        My first suggestion: SCHMELTFEST

      • The way he has been going might I suggest he also use numerals? SCHMELTFEST0000000000001. That should do it for the next year or so.

      • That list was just me

        He also apophasis’s:

        That our Host meet more untimely demises
        That our Host has committed crimes against him
        that our host better not see him in court again
        that our host is responsible for his total decade long drought of book sales
        that our host is a merchant of hate
        That a certain target meet with a ghastly beheading
        That the family of a sudden loss of their beloved father – he wrote was a bad man full of hate because he caught him in his lies and his hate is what killed him
        and there were one’s I’m sure I missed

        strange that twice in two days he was kicked out of twitter

    • Heh. Just got my statement from Amazon (and check for royalties, duly endorsed over to the Clerk of the Court and mailed). ONE self-authored Kindle book. More sales than all Bill’s books combined. AND, I don’t advertise …

  5. I just got spoofed and now my system says this when on any blog I try to access a page:

    Server Maintenance

    Your server is going through a few minutes of routine maintenance. Please don’t touch your browser for a few minutes.

    What do I do?
    • If you were posting a comment or making a post on your blog then do not press BACK on your browser. Wait 5 minutes and press the refresh icon on your browser. Your comment or post will be sent as normal.
    • If you are browsing a blog here just wait a few moments and hit refresh. The page you were expecting will appear.

    • Heh. I installed the ‘Technical Preview’ of Windows 10 last evening (through my membership as a Microsoft beta program member since 1986) and the weirdness I was experiencing the past few months is gone! New browser versions, integrated Office apps and other apps like Visual Studio 2013 (Cloud based) a simple point and click (downloaded in the background). A few bugs (I had to uninstall and reinstall AVG Anti-Virus) but it looks better than 8, runs faster than 8 and has all apps from MS included. No more re-appearing malware, browser freezes or, so far, blue screens.

  6. BK admitted to the forgery in State court. Then lied to the Federal Court in saying that he had not done so.

    And then lied to the Federal court about forging documents from the Federal court, before admitting, well, yeah, okay, I did.

    In the State court he was dinged for $600 which he has not yet paid. In the Federal Court, nothing. Bupkiss. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

    • I used to think you were just a Debbie Downer there Earl, but the longer this goes on, the more I see how right you are. A travesty.

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