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One of the allegations The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin made in his second amended complaint of his Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit was that Aaron Walker and I had created a false criminal complaint that his wife filed against him.BKvAW2013 SAC-38This is just one of the allegations for which TDPK failed to offer one “scintilla” (Judge Johnson’s word) of evidence.

It is true that Mrs. Kimberlin dropped all civil and criminal action against her husband. It is true that she told me about the dismissal. It is not true that she ever told me that the charge of third degree sexual offense she laid against him was “inaccurate.” Or false.

While Brett Kimberlin could have taken the stand and denied the charge, the best way he could have proved its falsity would have been for his wife to take the stand and recant it. As Judge Johnson noted during a bench conference—

THE COURT: Do you know the witness you really need?


THE COURT: Is your wife here?

No. She wasn’t. TDPK claimed that she was at home packing for vacation. I don’t believe him. At least, I don’t believe that she was at his home. Mrs. Kimberlin was apparently unwilling to testify on her husband’s behalf, and he had no case without her testimony.

popcorn4bkI’ve been informed that TDPK is beginning the process of appealing the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. case. Given that he has no real grounds for appeal, he probably thinks that he’s prolonging the harassment that he put us through for the past year. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that real effect an appeal with be to keep the publicity going and to amplify the Streisand Effect.

Stay tuned.

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  1. An alternative explanation is that she was not called because she would have testified (or because Kimberlin was unsure whether or not she would have testified) that she was under 16 when Kimberlin first had sex with her.

    Kimberlin is obviously stupid, but he is clearly not a moron. As Mr. Scruggs would say, what Kimberlin does is intentional. Kimberlin could have called his wife, but chose not to. Draw what inference you find most plausible from his choice.

  2. It’s a rather odd version of the Streisand Effect. The guy has a loathsome past, but eventually Mr. Hoge would run out of fresh material if only Kimberlin would stop doing loathsome things. Instead, he continues to do things which show him as a) newsworthy and b) obviously a jerk.

    In general, don’t sue the universe, start sending checks to Mrs. Delong, keep your teenager off the witness stand, avoid scaring Mrs. Walker, (who stalks people in a Pruis?) stop telling people that Mr. Walker assaulted you and hurt your back, avoid trying to outcrazy Stacy McCain, and eventually people will run out of fresh material on you.

  3. Yes, the simplest explanation of why he did not call witnesses or introduce evidence that could help him is because he had nonesuch.

    He called people he wanted to harass and to get things said bad about them or by them on the record.

    While he achieved that, he wasn’t even good at doing that. I am still kind of flabbergasted by him asking AW why he thought he was a pedophile.

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