More Rubes Begin to Wake Up

The Hill reports that polling shows that the liberal base is souring on President Obama.

Perhaps some of them would rather keep their old doctor. Perhaps some of them have noticed that Syria is the seventh country we’ve bombed since the President received the Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps …

9 thoughts on “More Rubes Begin to Wake Up

  1. If you cast a vote for this incompetent, dishonest, narcissistic, criminal boob that occupies the White House, you should have your citizenship revoked. The go to Mexico. Don’t fret, just wander back across the border. You might be in better shape than when you left.

  2. But will it matter? Obama can’t run again, after all. The real question is whether they’ve given up on the Democrat party.

  3. The “rubes” all knew that Obama was a blithering incompetent at best. They voted for him out of hatred, not any other reason, they hate people who disagree with them. Especially when they know that those people are more competent.

    • Yep. America’s temper tantrum of 4 Nov 08 is the gift that keeps on giving.

      OT: I see the bored, little, no-life Down Twinkles Troll is back. *smh*

  4. I hope the Republican Senate and House craft a responsible budget, plop it on the boob’s desk, and then skip town, refusing to return until he signs it. No more of these banana republic continuing resolutions- just a budget that cuts all the stupid (including Obamacare,) and then sign it or let it burn.

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