800 Rounds!

The Hill reports that the wacko who jumped the fence at the White House had 800 rounds (!!!1!!111!!!) of ammunition in his car.

It was in his car and not on his person. He didn’t have a firearm either.

If it were the sort of rifle ammo I schlepped around Viet Nam, 800 rounds would weigh about 25 pounds. Personally, I never carried more than 500 rounds (twenty-five 20-round magazines) at a time, and that required using a couple of extra bandoliers.

OTOH, if it’s the kind of .22 long rifle ammo I buy for plinking, 800 rounds is only part of a box.1000rnds800 rounds could either be a whole lot of ammo, or it could be a partially full box.


4 thoughts on “800 Rounds!

  1. The anti-gun press like to sensationalize ammunition counts, because it sounds scary to the uneducated (like journalists).

  2. Yeah, but he also had…. a pocket knife.

    I think a lot of the people in Washington are so far removed from ever working for a living that they can’t conceive of the fact that a pocket knife might be used as something other than a weapon. But apparently the guy did have some mental issues.

    The question I asked was since people are now jumping the fence at the White House does that mean Obama will give them amnesty and let them stay with him?

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