A Modest Suggestion

I grew up on the leading edge of the sexual revolution, in a time when someone who chose not to engage in sex until marriage was not yet a rarity. Perhaps a return to that choice by a significant number of young people would result in the campus date rape rate returning to the lower levels seen 50 years ago.

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  1. Not to quibble with your bigger message, but they ARE low, and dropping:

    “According to the Justice Department, the rate of sexual violence against females declined 64% between 1995 and 2005: “In 2010,females nationwide experienced about 270,000 rape or sexual assault victimizations, compared to about 556,000 in 1995.” Do feminists want us to believe there has been a recent uptick of rape under the Obama Administration? I’m dubious. As far as rape on college campuses is concerned, however, every attempt to verify the widespread claim that 20% of college females are victims of sexual assault has failed, because the actual numbers don’t add up.” http://theothermccain.com/2014/09/21/essential-feminist-quotes-rapists-serve-all-men-by-enforcing-male-supremacy/

  2. Leftists have decided that it is impossible to control our baser urges. And they have concluded it is harmful to do so as well. Then they have tried to get women to be as randy and promiscuous as young men. Of course, young men bear far fewer risks from promiscuity than do women. So leftists demand that women be free of the consequences of their actions. We all know leftist believe that we should not have to suffer consequences. And any consequences only demonstrate that the world is unfair!

    Increasingly, you DO have to be crazy to be a leftist. Denying reality is fraught with difficulties…

  3. If more college age girls would choose NOT to get drunk around college age males, then almost all “date” rape would end.
    Don’t want to blame the victims, but they’re making poor decisions.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. It’s amazing how in every other sphere of life risk mitigating activities are encouraged (like locking car and house doors, not flashing around huge wads of cash, keeping fire extinguishers in the kitchen, etc.) but that one is suddenly sexist and misogynistic for suggesting that young women should not get so drunk they don’t even remember what they were doing the night before which increases the odds of something unfortunate happening. It’s also ridiculous that if both the man and the woman were so drunk that true consent wasn’t really possible, that only the young man is considered to be at fault.

    • A decision that colleges could unilaterally choose for the girls by simply seeing to it that the laws against underage drinking are enforced at places such as fraternities.

  4. Some folks like to point out that rape isn’t about sex, it’s about violence. They are ignoring that the “rape epidemic” on campus seems to be largely caused by girls who got drunk, had sex, and then changed their minds when they sobered up.

    And even if all the reported rapes on college campuses were just about violence, we should be telling young women to avoid behaviours which make them easy marks. If a guy gets so drunk that he’s an easy mark for robbery and assault, while it’s still the robber/mugger/thug’s fault, he’s still considered to have been leaving himself open for it. It shouldn’t be sexist to give girls the same warnings.

  5. I was taught to respect people – especially one’s that I had strong feeling for, its the lack of parenting – not alcohol – that seems to be the issue

    • It’s both. Certainly the alcohol lets folk make decisions to do things they’d have second thoughts about and choose not to do if they were sober. But yes, if both the girls and the boys were taught not to have sex with random strangers it would make it more likely that they wouldn’t need second thoughts to avoid the situation, and have those second thoughts leading to date rape charges the next day (or week, or month, or year). Of course this also goes to decent parenting teaching them not to get s**t-faced drunk. Just because something feels good at the time doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, and too many people are being taught that feeling good right now is the most important thing.

      I’m not saying that the guy doesn’t bear some responsibility, and not getting plastered is a good start. But a girl just can’t go around getting so drunk she says yes to a guy (who’s also drunk) and then change her mind when she sobers up and cry rape.

      It’s interesting that if a guy has second thoughts in the morning, he doesn’t claim rape. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to if the girls can.

      • People have been getting drunk and screwing for as long as people have been getting drunk. Criminalizing half of the act is insanity.

  6. Another modest suggestion: Let’s forget about the dishonest scumbag, Schmalfeldt.

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