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It’s being noised about the Interwebs that the arrangement between The American Spectator and The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin involves more that the magazine simply removing Stacy McCain’s articles from their site. Apparently, TDPK is trying to sell the idea that he was paid to drop TAS from the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

I don’t know if that is true, but, if it is, it compounds the shamefulness of TAS’s behavior. Taking down Stacy’s articles already had the effect, as Ken White put it, of promoting TDPK from vexatious litigant to censor. Giving him a financial windfall to boot would be unconscionable.

However, based on what I have heard from my sources, I doubt that TDPK was actually paid anything.

Whether Kimberlin was paid or not, The American Spectator is now toast. Caving in to a domestic terrorist on First Amendment issues should be the end of its street cred with conservatives and libertarians. I’m not the only person who believes that. PopehatTechdirtTechnology Toolz, and others have already published negative comments.

popcorn4bkFinally, taking down Stacy’s articles was a fruitless exercise.

Terror By Any Other Name, 29 May, 2012
Online Armaggedon, 8 June, 2012
Progressive Activist Brett Kimberlin ‘Abusive … Threatening,’ Wife Claims, 11 July, 2013
Liberals Love Perjuring Bomber Brett Kimberlin — and Hate Free Speech, 18 September, 2013

The Internet is forever.

34 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Bonus Post of the Day

  1. Actually, I wonder if Stacy would give up his copyright…or give permission for everybody to publish them all in full. Sort of an “Everybody print the stuff the Spectator memory-holed” day.

  2. The other defendants, who have been resisting Brett Kimberlin’s attempts to censor information about his crimes, deserve our repeated and continuing congratulations.

    Also, what version of English is in use at Technology Toolz?

  3. I stopped reading TAS quite some time ago and haven’t been to their site in a very long time either. I won’t visit their site again any time soon. Caving at the point of victory seems utterly craven and stupid! It is like Churchill surrendering to Hitler after Allied forced crossed the Rhine in March 1945. Unbelievable and ultimately more damaging to them than a few dollars spent on a lawyer. What a shame, but something terrible happens to people who dwell inside the beltway for too long. They just seem to go dead from the neck up…

  4. The sad thing is that TAS didn’t have to do anything. They just had to sit back and let the big boys do the heavy lifting. Kimberlin is already neutered with res judicata. Of course, this was already agreed to prior to their poleaxing Kimberlin in court.

  5. The voice that wonders why he has several restraining orders…..
    I guess its time to forward these to the SA office again…..

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 5s

    ..there would be no one like me, Matt Osborne, Breitbart Unmasked, Karoli, writing stories about you. What have you gained? What’s the cost?

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 20s

    You misunderstood my intent two years ago when I said, “If you would just forget BK existed, no one would be investigating.” I meant,

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 22s

    Can you imagine watching a video of Stranny getting his head sawed off? Horrible. But HATE begets HATE! And you are reaping the whirlwind.

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 1m

    Lee Stranahan has been clobbered by the Karma Fairy more than once. Sheer luck that he wasn’t kidnapped in Syria (did he get to Syria?)

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 1m

    But at what cost? For what? Why? Andrew Breitbart? Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! DEAD!!!

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 2m

    Look at Poor Mandy Nagy. Living the Kimberlin story night and day. She has a stroke. Thank God it looks like she will pull through.

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 3m

    Look at what this has all cost you! Poor Mike Malone. Raging against me for weeks. Dead. Heart attack. HATE KILLS!

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 7m

    But here’s the problem. Without BK to run to ground, without ol’ Schmalfeldt to hate, what do these used up queefs have in their lives?

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 8m

    …GET SOME LIVES for yourselves that do NOT involve trying to FUCK people who disagree with you? Sabe usted?

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 9m

    …to blow out a candle, let alone bring down an online news source. It’s time for you “first amendment warriors” to GROW THE FUCK UP and

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 9m

    I predict the American Spectator will continue as before. I think the collected hot air of the few remaining Breitbots isn’t enough…

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 10m

    …break any law, violate any tenet of decency to GET him because, goddamit, BRETT KIMBERLIN! NEWS FLASH! IT DOES NOT MATTER TO ANYONE!

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 11m

    It affects NOBODY. It is just a small rag tag group of HATE MONGERS who hate BK like Hitler hated Jews, and they will spend any money,

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 11m

    One, maybe two hands will go up if you ask if anyone knows about Brett Kimberlin. IT IS NOT A BIG STORY, IT NEVER HAS BEEN A BIG STORY!

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 12m

    The truly HILARIOUS thing about this American Spectator outrage… you get 100 hardcore conservatives in a room and ask for a show of hands.

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 16m

    …the COLOSSAL ERROR of republishing the work American Spectator took down. Because NOW the libel is HOGE’s!

    Parkinson’s Media @Parkinsonsmedia · 16m

    Hoge’s sources (the VOICES!!!) tell him American Spectator didn’t give BK any money. These are the same voices that told him to make…

    • “Look at Poor Mandy Nagy. Living the Kimberlin story night and day. She has a stroke. Thank God it looks like she will pull through.”

      Just when you’ve heard it all. Mr. Schmalfeldt goes even lower. This seems particularly sick from someone who claims to be suffering ill health from his participation in this dustup.

      • He cries for sympathy as a shield — AFAIK he has never shown it towards anyone else in a meaningful way. He may have tried faking it a few times, but has never been consistent and always turns around and attacks the person, often on the very topic he was feigning sympathy over.

  6. I’m really, really curious to hear RSM’s comment on this. He might be obligated to not discuss it, or not inclined to discuss it, but damn he can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.

    • I can’t see how he would be prohibited from just talking about it. But you can be sure that when he does, he will bring down teh crazy!

      • Even more than crazy, the key term when describing McCain is “professional.” McCain’s writing is, as far as I know, his main way of providing for his family, and I presume he gets paid by the Spectator for his work. And he writes about more things for the Spectator than Kimberlin.

        If I were a betting man, I’d say McCain will write up a brief piece acknowledging that the Spectator has taken down his pieces, and he will not be writing about Kimberlin for the Spectator any more. He might also try to print the pieces on his own blog, but I don’t think he’ll burn his bridges with the Spectator. That probably pays better than people who HIT THE FREAKING TIP JAR.

        On the other hand, you don’t try to out-crazy McCain. And he just might let loose on the Spectator for not backing him.

    • Indeed. No judge would have awarded removal of the content. Well, maybe not no judge. But anyway, like I said, terrorism works. And I think its funny to see BS defending the American Spectator.

  7. Victory for Brett Kimberlin is memory holing the articles in question so they are not read. Defeat for Brett Kimberlin is more people reading those articles than if he ignored the articles and ignored The American Spectator. We can’t stop the AS from capitulating to his lawfare, but, we can see that more people read the articles in question than would have otherwise. Let Brett Kimberlin suffer the Streisand Effect yet again.

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