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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has apparently had the record of the third degree sexual offense charges filed by his wife and that were nolle prossed by the Montgomery State’s Attorney’s Office sealed or expunged. However, before that happened, I obtained a certified copy of the charging document from the court and published it. While it can’t be used in court, it is still available on the Internet. That was straightforward reporting of a crime story. TDPK tried to spin that truthful reporting into defamation as part of his Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit.

MR. KIMBERLIN: After those charges were nolle pros, did you take a trip down to this courthouse and get a certified copy of those charges, and post them on your Scribd account?

MR. HOGE: No. Not this courthouse. They’re not kept here.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Well, whatever courthouse?

MR. HOGE: Across the street. District Court —

MR. KIMBERLIN: But — so the charges are dismissed, you come down and get a certified copy, and post them on Scribd.

MR. HOGE: Yes.

MR. KIMBERLIN: And are those charges — do you know whether those charges were not only nolle pros, but expunged and sealed by the court?

MR. HOGE: The charges are not on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search right now, so I can’t tell you what the court may have done with them.


MR. HOGE: I can’t tell you what the court did.

It wasn’t very smart of TDPK to bring up those charges. A prosecutor entering a nolle prosequi on a charge does not mean that the accused is innocent. Here’s how, first, Judge Johnson, and, second, Stacy McCain, explained nolle prosequi at various points during the trial.

The objection was sustained to that question. How is it relevant if the State entered a nolle prosequi? All that means is that the State elected not to go forward. It doesn’t mean anything to do with the substance of the charges.

Nolle pros does not mean you were falsely accused. I’ve had traffic tickets that were nolle pros. That didn’t mean I wasn’t going 85 miles an hour.

However, it did bring up the question of why, if they were bogus charges, wasn’t his wife in court to support him by testifying that we had suborned perjury and that he had not had sex with her when she was 15—was he innocent, or did he simply get away with something? That was not a good question for him to plant in the minds of the jurors.

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  1. I wish the community of people stopping Brett Kimberlin’s crimes were way bigger and had a wider skillset. If it were, we would be able to sweep through his entire trail of victims and offer them appropriate assistance to at least partially help fix the damage he’s done over the decades. I have in mind those who’ve been on the receiving end of his fixation on underaged girls. One of them lost her grandmother over Brett’s fixation, remember. More recently, another lost her relationship with her two children.

    The justice system may not ever get around to doing anything at all about those crimes, and even if it does, it might intervene in ways that punish Brett without really helping the victims. But that doesn’t necessarily stop people of goodwill from voluntarily rendering assistance to the victims, as our own host has done, himself. Of course, this logic applies for ANY victim of Brett’s, and not only to targets of his sick “teen dream.”

    I’m just thinking out loud – I don’t actually know exactly how such an effort should be organized and then carried out, and then, what good can be done and how exactly it can be done. But these would be worthy objects of charity which I’d help materially with.

    • I applaud this post!!

      Brett Kimberlin and his spawn have caused immeasurable pain and suffering. Their spiritual rewards await them in infamy. I speak not only of the two renegade principals in this drama, Brett Coleman Kimberlin and the Elkridge Horror, hereinafter known as “Diapers Too Full”, but of the entire set of criminal participants (RICO?) to and for their crimes which have been observed or, more unfortunately, have experienced.

      There must be an accounting for their crimes.

      • I think you mean his associates, not his “spawn”. “Spawn” could be interpreted to mean “offspring”. Considering that Brett has accused people of attacking his children when they have not made such attacks, it’s important to be clear about this point.

    • Yes and no.

      Spreading the costs spreads the pain. As long as BK is free to do what he does, then putting more resources on the good guy side just means that there are more resources to be depleted.

      Again, I think Ali was inspired (in more meanings than one) to go pro se. It changes the cost-benefit ratios involved.

      Fighting an asymmetric war requires changing mindsets and tactics. To not get caught up in a doctrinal system in which strengths become liabilities. To probe the bad guys and turn their weaknesses against them.

      Something must cost BK something significant before he will stop.

  2. Brett Kimberlin really though that your possession and publishing of his wife’s accusation was a greater crime than the actual third degree sexual offense charges. Because of course, what you did was against HIM. Who ended up sounding creepier to the jury? He sort of understands that being an accused pedophile is bad, but still thinks you guys did worse stuff. Predators are generally selfish.

    • That may be correct, but for all his whining about it he conveniently forgets giving docs that WERE sealed to fat boy. I guess hypocrisy is the name of the game with TK

      • He does not conveniently forget it.

        Purposeful lying is purposeful. He knows quite well what happened.

        He has, and will, pay no price for leaking sealed documents. It has in fact been to his benefit to get something negative about AW shown to the world.

        But he knows that good guys are constrained by the rules. So he must try to pretend – to lie about it – that they are breaking the rules. And if he can’t, maybe he can take them down a notch or two among their supporters with a “have you no shame” gut punch.

  3. I’m going to have to lean with Earl and raise an eyebrow at the disappearance of the charges. I think it goes to the SA covering up for having NP’d them…

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