Solar Flare

An active region on the Sun almost directly aimed at Earth erupted with an X 1.6 flare (the most powerful class) on 10 September, 2014. There was a coronal mass ejection associated with the event. The flare lasted longer than usual and sent out a burst of radiation into space. The time-laps movie below shows the bright flare and the ensuing coils of magnetic loops flickering over a period of roughly five hours. The images used to create the movie were taken in a wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light by the Solar Dynamics Observatory.


Video Credit: NASA.

3 thoughts on “Solar Flare

  1. John, are you aware of any particles associated with flares and associated CMEs that would be detectable with a cloud chamber (the dry ice and isopropyl alcohol type)?

  2. Thanks. Daughter #2 wants to do one for her science fair, and with the increase in solar activity it would be cool to demonstrate it while a CME was occurring if we’re lucky enough to get one during the fair.

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