Dotting Is and Crossing Ts

Paul Alan Levy has responded to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s most recent letter to Judge Hazel in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

BTW, TDPK has 33 days left before his omnibus response to the motions to dismiss is due on 15 October. That’s the first anniversary of his filing the lawsuit.

18 thoughts on “Dotting Is and Crossing Ts

    • The answer to that question is that Levy is simply wrong. The request is not identical. The previous request asked to re-file a previously filed motion. The current request asks for leave to file a disqualification motion. That would allow Kimberlin to offer different arguments than in his previous filed motion.

    • BK is making a different request, but it is really the same request. His first request was to reinstate his request – which had been thrown out. So since that request is now dead, he had to request again.

      • The request to reinstate his request has yet been answered by the judge. Theoretically, if both leaves are granted the previous motion could be litigated, and, Brett Kimberlin could enter a second motion asking for exactly the same relief.

  1. I’ve decided that the court’s strategy in dealing with this case is to allow the parties to die of old age.

  2. Yesterday, Brett Kimberlin filed an appeal in the state case.

    I was wondering why he hadn’t filed his announced federal lawsuit yet.

      • I think Kimberlin should have to answer why he’s harassing all of these people in court. They didn’t do anything wrong.

        As of now, Brett Kimberlin will be held responsible for all of his crimes. The ones from this year, the ones from 36 years ago, and all the ones in between. He is not released from responsibility unless he atones. I don’t care how old or recent the deeds are. I don’t care if some of the victims have given up. And Kimberlin is wrong If he thinks he can get away with it just by making the good guys wade through too much of his garbage. Not giving up now. Kimberlin got away with much when people were in the dark, so from now on all his misdeeds must be subjected to the light of a thousand suns.

        I hope many of us are in agreement.

  3. The upside is the longer the case goes on more opportunities are given for a scofflaw to flaunt his incessant flouting of the law at each and every turn. Sooner or later the scofflaw will transgress a “serious” rule or law, or at least one the court considers sufficiently “serious,” and the boom will be lowered. Personally, I thought the forging of the federal clerk’s certification and issuance of the supposed official summons for non-party Twitchy by a convicted and still-on-federal-parole-forger would’ve been enough, but apparently the court is waiting for more.

  4. The judge for the sake of argument, told Kimby even as libel per se he still has to prove falsity. He didn’t testify himself, and didn’t bring any evidence or witness to prove that what ANY of the defendents said was false. “My parental figure has not meddled with me in that way” went to nothing the defendants had ever alleged about him.

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