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  1. Someone seems to be upset that our Gracious Host no longer pays the requisite level of attention to him.

    My compliments to WJJ Hoge for successfully moving on. Would that his addle-brained, OCD, narcissistic stalker could do the same and live up to his own words.

    But who am I kidding? That will never happen. He will die with your name on his lips…

    • He, who must not be named, is having severe withdrawal symptoms typical of a terminally ill addict who will sacrifice anything of importance to them just to get their next fix. Sacrificing their serial wives upon the altar of bizarre sexual practices just to obtain their next “fix” of harassment, hatred, petty insults, bizarre “fail-dox’ing”, free mayonnaise with hot dogs, and feelings of self-importance when, in fact, their miserable lives lack anything of substance, integrity, or morality, these moribund creatures hang around like vultures simply awaiting their next serving of carrion. I would offer that the subject of this screed looks something like a distorted S’More after his Depends have once again erupted while his rather misshapen mouth oozes mayonnaise and he is covered head to toe with fecal matter. These breed of addict is hopelessly ensnared in his pathetic obsessive behavior while he frantically searches for his next victim, knowing all the while that he is slipping further and further into the slime of total decay and irrelevance. He will die gasping his last breath in a foetid pool of decay. The world will little notice his passing except for the feeling one gets when someone passes gas. Thereupon is his epitaph.

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  3. I was in 11 years old when Carter left office. I remember one thing in particular, they tried the same thing with school lunches that they are doing today. Then……Ronald Reagan came to office and lead us out of that mess.

    • KaBoom! (community improvement through the design, building, and improvement of playspaces) is part philanthropic network of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. Omidyar also helps finance Glenn Greenwald’s Intercept which slants its view toward Hamas in a positive light. I suggest that Kaboom! backpacks on 9/11 was not stupid mistake but well thought out by the French-Iranian-American entrepreneur Omidyar and his associates.
      Not a Joke: Obamas Remember 9/11 By Assembling Backpacks With ‘KaBOOM!’ Volunteers http://shar.es/11SfdM via @BreitbartConvo
      Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald, and Their War on Israel http://wp.me/p4ja9p-1fr via @aminterest
      *** Why does Pierre Omidyar Finance the New Stalinism ? *

    • Obviously Obama is an incompetent far beyond his Peter Principle level. But more clear is that we’ve gone from the third stringers that did Obama’s staff work in the first couple of years of his administration to fifth raters who wouldn’t be hired to empty the trash cans in a GOP administration.

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