The same New Jersey prosecutor and judge who let Ray Rice walk are going after a Pennsylvania women who mistakenly brought her handgun with her while driving in the state. She’s facing 3-1/2 years in prison for doing what is legal in the vast majority of states.

8 thoughts on “#WarOnWomen

  1. Many years back MA tried to pull that crap on a hunter from Maine, returning from a hunting trip to PA. The troopers assumed that because the guy had a deer on his truck, he had a gun. Which he did, appropriately disassembled for travel. But he didn’t have an MA gun license which is an automatic 1 year jail sentence.

    According to the story, MA officials rethought things after the governor of Maine suggested that the ME state police might not be very understanding of MA drivers’ minor infractions the following summer.

  2. Well, New Jersey is just trying to prevent a tragedy, like if someone had attacked her and she defended herself. Why, New Jersey could have lost one of their finest thugs!

  3. I hope that common sense will prevail.
    The arresting officer could have shown some restraint.
    I hope the judge sees this for what it is. Each case being unique.
    That being said, the onus is on the responsible gun owner to be well, responsible.
    I cannot advocate for state’s rights and simultaneously disparage N.J. for enforcing their laws. As screwed up as they may be.

    • I’m all for state’s rights (via the Tenth Amendment) but not at the expense of individual rights secured by the Second and Fourteenth Amendments.

  4. I can understand (I’m not agreeing with it but its more palatable) with limiting states regulations of hand guns to confiscations only (maybe even a fine). Here a state is redefining laws and freedoms and seriously punishing people for exercise of their national rights

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